Welcome to my wacky world. I call it that because sometimes I feel like I am off in my own world. As the saying on one of my stamps and
my fridge magnet says "I know i'm in my own little world. It's OK they know me here."

Here you will learn a little about me and my life. Like my marriages, my critters and my hobbies. I love taking photos. so along the way there might be alot of photos.My life is full of ups and downs, more often the downs. I just try to keep on a happy face. Doesnt always work when you suffer from anxiety and depression. But I still always manage to keep my Bubbly little personality.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hi Everyone! its time to move on to bigger and better things.

So its been almost a month since I've posted.  Last post was about my crazy neighbor and my husbands health.  Well that's an understatement.

I've been threw quite a few changes over the last month.

#1.  My husband decided to walk out on my tell me it was for a break and it turned out to be permanent.

#2.  Lost my job over my panic attacks

#3.  Husband told me July 4th to make alternative arrangements for myself.  That was his wonderful way of telling me he wanted it over.

#4.  I had to move back into my parents.

#5. Husband wasn't talking to me as to what he wanted regaurding us and our marriage so I took control and decided to file on my own for a divorice.

#6. In the process of it all I have learned that my decision is for the best.  I have learned that the whole 1 1/2 years i was married to him was a total lie.  He's gone behind my back on quite a few things that i cant mention here. 

#7. 3 weeks after he walks out and abandoned me i find that he is dating his best friends WIFE.  Yep he stole his best friends girl.  and that is one of the main reasons he left.  I know it doesn't happen overnight like he claims.

#8. I found out most of our marriage he has been cheating on me and lieing to me about lots of things.

I've dealt with it pretty good considering things.  the doc changed my anxiety meds and the panic attacks have stopped for now.  I feel he was the main cause of them to begin with now. 
The funny thing is the first week he was gone it was one day he wanted it over and then the next day its we can work it out.  and i got sick of the back and fourth.  The even stranger part is that 2 days prior to me finding out he was in love with his best friends wife he was trying to make things work with me and telling me that the marriage fell apart because of him.  And that we should do counseling more for me than anything cuz i need it more, and that he's been faithful to me the entire time. 

Now with all that i know I have a very hard time believing the being faithful part cuz you don't just fall in love with someone in 2 days.  when her husband has told me that they made out weeks ago.  and when i looked on the calender it turned out to be right around the time he had walked out on me.  So I am trusting my gut instinct and making decisions to control my life, and he will NO MORE CONTROL ME.

No more covering with my family for the crappy things he's done to me, or the way he treated me.  No more listening to him complain about my family and just being overall treated like i am last on his list of priories. 

Time to move on.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sorry everyone! and news on critters!

I want to apologize for not posting as much. 

My husband has recently found out due to a genetic kidney disease his right kidney is shutting down and his left one is severly stressed.  we go to see the nephrologist on the 15th this month and will know more on what is going to happen. 

i have also been apartment hunting as we want to get away from the crazy neighbor that has been threatening us as the law enforcement wont do nothing about it. (thats a long story)  short version.  I asked her to clean up after dog peeing in the hallway and she blew up at me threating to beat me up and what not.  I make a report about it as i dont feel comfortable in my own apartment building now and she admits to 3/4 of my report but because she didnt admit to the threatening part they didnt even give her a disorderly conduct ticket even though law states she should have as she was causing a seen.  Funny thing was the neighbors that seen me telling her to get out of my face told the officer i was the one that told her to watch her back.  and SHE was the one that ran from the officer when the called for her as she was walking into the apartment building.  Yeah if thats not guilty i dont know what it. 

As for our critters.  Well we will be one less critter shorter as far as furry creaters go.  we are getting rid of our ferret tomarrow.  However we've gained a few snakes and a few rats.  I hope they dont prevent us from getting a new apartment. 

We've gained 1 male and 1 female hairless rat.  hopefully to become breeders. 
1 albino burmese python
1 spider ball python
1 albino lavender king snake
and a few more male and females ball pythons.

A few days ago my husband was snake hunting and came across a baby goose.  Well this goose was all by itself lonely sitting next to its baby brother who had died.  Their mom was no where to be seen.  I didnt find all this out til i came home from work and i go walking into my husbands snake room and see it sitting in a 10gal tank with some water in a dish.  I asked him what the heck was goin on, he joking around told me snake food.  Then told me the real story.  He didnt want it having the same fate as his lil bro, so he brought it home in hopes to relocate it with another goose family.  We live right next to a river that has ducks there all the time, so he went and looked and their was a family of geese, and he set the lil goose down and he ran all the way up to this lil family and did some sniffing like dogs do or what ever geese to do introduce themselves and next thing you know they all wonder off into the water together.  So having this lil guy run around my house for a few hours was pretty fun, but boy are they messy creatures.  LOL!

Last night our friend who breed rats for us came over and gave us the female rat we are going to use in breeding.  Well after she was handling it she did not put lotion on and then her neice that was with was playing with the albino burmese, and we've never had a problem before and he's never struck at anyone not even me and i dont handle snakes that often. 
Well within a split second he must have sensed rats or something because she turned and snaped on her and latched on to her wrist and started trying to coil up like he does when they feed.  it took her niece holding the tail my hubby and his strength to keep it from coiling and then me taking a small pen to pry open the mouth and then put some paper towel between her and the snake to get it to release. 
One of the mistaken identy cases.  No damage just a lil bleeding and a few teeth marks on the wrist.  a lil peroxide to wash it out and she was good to go. 
Then i woke up this morning to go to work and find that our spider ball python was out and decided he wanted to explore the apartment.  (i really wish the hubby would keep weights on the tanks.  I hate having to tear that room apart to find them, and its to hot to want to do that now).

As for our dogs well Our mini daschund keeps going into heat, and boy does my chihuahua go nuts. yes we want some lil chiweenies to sell, however my Tootsie(chihuahua) would rather go for her Head and as my hubby calls it Tea-bag her than go for the right end.  Well the other night i thought it would be nice to assist and point the right end in his direction.  Well he started.  the 1st time he was energizer bunny until she snipped at him and ran away.  Well 2nd time was fine and then all of a sudden the were stuck together and Butt to Butt.  Yes one of them got spooked and Tootsie frooze up.  We had no idea what to do, so at 3am we tried calling whoever we could to find out what to do.  As soon as the hubby got the Emergency Vet and they were telling us to just let them be Tootsie jerked and yanked and they were loose.  POOR Lovey, she wasnt too happy after that she ran and hid.   However the next day Tootsie was right back at it with the Head humping again.  All our friends that come over and has never seen a dog do that laugh cuz it is kinda hilarious to a point.  I try to tell him to give her a break but he doesnt let up.  lately i've had to kennel him just to get him to stop.  then its whine wine wine.  LOL!

So we've have qutie the eventful houseful over the past month. 

I will be sad to see my ferret go, however with possibley moving we are trying to reduce the number of pets, so hopefully we'll hear some news on a few of the snakes getting rehomed as well.  The husband loves rescuing them and finding them homes and using them as a breeding project but were getting back up there in numbers again.  so its an all stop on more snakes till were back down to a low number.  :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Beach Swap.

so its been awhile since i last posted.  Well this card i did for Sam's Beach Themed swap over on Splitcoaststampers.

I cased the card from the Great Impressions Monthly set it came from.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fairy Element swap.

I Know I haven't had a post recently.  I am negleting my blog.  I don't intentionally do it.  I just havent had anything to post as i am not swapping nearly as much as i used to. 

I did complete a swap that was out of my comfort zone.  Its a "fairy journal element swap."

I usually stick to cards but beacause this was a fairy swap i decided to try it out.  I and found these fairy poppets in my stash of goodies that i have had since probably 2005.  so i diecided to use them. 

then i just did a journal card for another spot with some fairy rub ons.  simple.  And since one of my secret sisters and sent some homeade altered brads with a fairy on them i used them on the journal card.  No letting them sit around collect dust. 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Girlfriend swap.

So I finished my Girlfriend swap and mailed them out as they are due tomarrow.  I did have them done for about a week now, I am just getting to posting some pics right now. 

the first one I used the Embrace life set (or well thats what i call it)  I used the twig stamp and stamped random on my background and then took a small flower stamp in pixie pink and stamped near the leaves.  its hard to see in the picture. 

 This other card i seen in a magazine and just had to try it.  the white and purple card pulls out and there is a sentiment about friends on the inside.  However silly me forgot to take a picture of it while it was pulled out. 

so there is my  Girlfriend Swap.  :) 

Sorry its short and to the point and i dont have many details.  but most of my cards are pretty self explanitory.  just by looking at it.  Im trying to include more deets on what was used. 
Also i apologize for any lul periods with no cards posted as sometimes my anxiety and depression takes over and then i have no ambition.  It took me 1 week just to think up these 2 sets. 

Until next time.

Happy Creating!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Handmade Embossing Folder

This is my fairy embossing folder that was handmade by my Secret Sister Heidi (inklings on SCS).  Not only did she include a piece already embossed she wrote the exact layering process to get a great impression down.    After i had posted my thank and list of what i had recieved everyone wanted to know how to make them.  So she posted it on the thread and i am sharing it with you heare.  Again to save typing i am just going to copy and paste. 

"I made some with cricut cut outs from thin cardboard, punched shapes (sometimes I punch 2 of the same shape and glue them together),some from chipboard shapes-already cut from the store, and believe it or not--some with confetti. You know that shaped metallic confetti. I glued 2 layers (one layer didn't seem thick enough)of the shape randomly on cardboard. The trick to making the best impression is to run it thru your cuttlebug using the correct layers-and the Spellbinder rubber embossing mat HAS to be on top of the paper you are trying to emboss."  (Per Heidi Inklings on SCS)
and here is the proper layering she listed for me. 
1-- Plate A
2-- Plate B
3-- Folder (designed Cardboard)
4-- Paper
5-- Rubber mat/Spellbinders Rubber impression mat
6-- piece of cardboard for shim
7-- Plate B
run through machine. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Secret Sister Easter Basket!

It's a long one. 

Yes you guess it another Secret Sister Swap!  And boy this one SPOILED ME!!!!!  I surely am not going to type all that was in there again so i am just going to copy and paste what i wrote for my thank you and to share with all the other swappers.  and I took pics in groups as there was ALOT.  and one pic just does not do it justice. 

""So I haven't been feeling good with my cold and i got cheered up by the gigantic box i had to pick up at the post office. I was like OMG when i got it, i surely was not expecting one that large. I sure did get spoiled by you. Thank You Heidi.

lets see you want to know whats in there. well lots and lots of newspaper for starters. LOL! with comics, everyone loves comics. well i'll use that for the snakes.

then plastic bags wrapping the basket. OH YOU WANT TO HEAR OF THE GOOD STUFF!!! OH OKAY. HERE GOES.

1-the basket is just awsome. It was jam packed, and alot of altered items. it was definately nicely put together until hubby noticed it and was digging for candy. LOL! he knew my last few SS swaps i got candy in. It is definately going to be my Scrap paper bin. its so cute with the ribbon wrapping it with the fairies, and mushrooms stamped on it, along with a sentiment "fairies Live Here" and some purple flowers added to it.

2-A Handmade Fairy Embossing Folder (wonderful) I love it and cant wait to try it out. It was tied with a pretty pink ribbon and instructions. I like it as i dont think they've made embossing folders with a fairy on it i've only found the Cottage cutz fillagree fairy. so this is great. and handmade is even better.

3-A Very beautiful Fairy card.

4-Envies full of die cut shapes to make punch art cards along with pictures of them. Ive never done them so im excited to use those.

5-Spellbinders Flower Silhouette impressionabilities

6-Flowers 3D 3tone mix floral embellishments by forever in time

7-a plastic pie container decorated and full of prima flowers in assorted varieties and colors.

8-A bag of wedges for spongeing

9-A bag full of assorted tags. (never created with those so it till be fun to try and use) especially for christmas

10-A very cute handmade box with what looks like handmade coasters with a fairy design.

11-handmade bag with blue recollections glitter dots, a planter fairy, Rheinstones, double sided tape, dewdrops with a lil note on how to color them the color you want.

12-A cute handmade box with a flower for closure on the top and inside is a cupcake liner full of brads (which look handmade) that have fairies on them.

13-Another altered container with a fairy on top filled with 3 stamps: 1 flower, 1 lizzard, and 1 very funny sentiment "this card was made by hand if you throw it away those same hands will make a doll in your image and stick pins in its butt."

14-An Altered Tin with beautiful paper(had a hard time figuring how to open it up) LOL! Had a handmade tag (like the ones i got) with a handmade flower on it ( got to know how to make those flowers) Inside there was 2 rubber stamps my Amy Brown Fairy on a mushroom i believe is the starshine fairy (which i didnt know they had) thank you and already mounted and trimmed to EZ Mount foam. And a sweet pea fairy also already mounted and trimmed on ez mount foam.

15-Recollections rhienstones in the shape of hearts, squares and circles.

16-a decorated tube which had blue studio g glitter glue.

17-a bag full of little treat size paper bags

18-Images of the SU fairy stamp set i'm wanting.

19-Die Cut Something that folds up into an envie

20-and paper that looks like handmade DP with Tinkerbell and friends

Wow thats alot. and 20 items and my bday on the 20th so it makes for a great easter basket.

it definately cheeered me up with how i've been feeling.

thank you Heidi."

So thats all a very long list, that was very cheerful to me. 

Just because this one is so long.  I will save the Homade Embossing folder For tomarrow.  I will include what she replied on how to make it and the layering.

CAS Birthday Swap and Recycling in the Forest Swap!

Hi all, So I got 2 more swaps completed even while under all that stress and being sick through work and home situations.  I did my CAS Birthday swap although it ended up only being one set instead of 2, and i got my recyling in the forest swap completed. 

I love the CAS birthday one except i should have skipped the punch in the corner.  it just looks goofy, and i should have added a lil darker green for the ribbon.  But all in all it still looks good.

My Recycling in the Forest swap Turned out Ok!  I'm not a big fan of the pipe cleaner flower (which i made myself)   I had seen these flowers in the store going for $3.99 for 3, and though hey they dont look that hard to make.  They really arnt hard to make but they are definately hard to get all the petals to be the same size and shape.  I'm not giving up i will find away to perfect them.  As for he card, my recycled item is the bottle top.  i think that might be whats making the flower look funny.  I liked the card without the flower and thought because of the DP there are flowers resembling the one i made it would look good.  Well to late they are in the mail.   


Saturday, April 2, 2011


Okay well I got this the other day, but wanted to wait a day or so before posting after my 4 legged one. 

I participate in some of the wonderful Secret Sister swaps on SCS.  They are great gals.  Well after the heck of a week I've gone through with anxiety screaming straight on thru every tunnel in my life lately i had this package to pick up at the post office.  I didn't waist no time either.  I left my mail in the mailbox and i went with the orange card and retrieved it.  Whats really funny is my mail is usually here after 11:40 but for some reason it was 10am and it was there.  SO glad that it was early.  This is the Beautiful Easter card Tracie sent revealing she was my Secret Sister Bunny.

With that card i got an awesome display of goodies.  at first i thought there was a mistake as my Bunny had 2 she had signed up for.  and there was just a slight mistake, but other than that we both got pretty much the same things.  Boy is she lucky i like Peanut Butter.   In the package i received a container of Peanut Butter Eggs (that one was the goof) as my survey listed starburst jelly beans, Russell stover Carmel eggs, and hallow chocolate.  So it worked out the one that was supposed to get the eggs got my jelly beans and she likes those kinds so its all good.    then there was a 2 pk of glue sticks (which i don't use but will keep for when my nieces come craft with me) a 4pk of loose glitter (we don't see eye to eye but i haven't given up just yet.  got to find the right glue) 3pk of Sickles in Diamond, Crystal, and Stardust. 1 roll of green ribbon and 1 roll of pink and white checkered ribbon.  a cute lil  decorative bunny.  1 pack of Cosmo's (which I'll pass on to my mom as i don't have a garden space and i have no green thumb) then there is a 2 year planner for 2011 and 2012   :)  Along with my favorite recollection embellishments, Glitter dots, 48pc flower, a 6pc flower(not exactly ones i would have chosen but they are flowers cant complain) a 2 pc pearl swirl recollection set.  (I'll prolly use them individual instead of as a swirl, A Happy Easter stamp (as which will be set aside for the kids to use not quite my style but I am happy to receive it)  a mat stack of K&Company mat pad a Susan Winget design.  Flower designs and a bit more vintage then cutesy.  (again may not be my style but i am happy to have received, i can hold on to it and let my nieces create with it or force myself to get into that style.)  Certainly last but not least.  I got a lil yellow Chickie filled with Glue dots (awsome cuz i am out til i can get a new box) a bag of grommets (never used before so not sure what to do with them) and a lil package of eyelets (ill just add to my oodles and oodles of them that i never use.  I'll figure something out for them.  Maybe my niece can make a art project using them.)
Then also there was a lil baggie full of those Dew drops in Clear and a lil baggie of Colored miscellaneous ones too.  (never used them either, that is the other thing that caused me to think there was a mistake so i investigated it.) Now just to figure out when to use them and how so they will look good.  Cuz i have to admit i would always look at them in the store but i can never figure out what to do with them.  Then the Blue basket was wrapped with Ribbon and i can place it on my desk for scraps and such.

 So there you have it, my great Secret Bunny Easter Basket,  I am sure to enjoy every lil bit in there even if it wasnt all my style.  I sure am greatful to recieve it all no matter what. 

happy crafting!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

4 Legged Critter Swap! Finally Done!!!!!


Well I managed to get them done.  It only took me 2 weeks but I am proud to say they went in the mail the other day.  I finished my last set up that morning since i couldnt sleep.  Dont really like how the tiger ones turned out.

I had to do a spot in Mice, Penquin, Bear, Reptile(turtle), Hedgehog, and Tiger.  These are the cards.  I cant remember all the info but i'll do my best.
The first one here is my mouse cards.  the images are Great Impression. *sorry not the best picture.  The paper is Stampin Up.  Not sure about the DP.  Next is my Reptile Turtle Cards.  Again the image is Great Impression, and the paper is Stampin Up along with my ink. 
Then for my next card Penquin.  All the images are yet again Great Impressions, and the paper or majority of is Stampin up I think.  I cant remember.  This card i colored with SU markers, Spica Glitter pens, Gelly roll glaze, suffle, glitter and metallic pens.   Then there is my Bear Cards.  Stamps are  from Northwoods, and the paper is stuff i had laying around.  This card i used colored pencils and gamsol on it.  The coloring turned out pretty decent i think. 

Then we got my Awsome Hedgie card.  I got the image from a PIF thread over on SCS.  I was lucky i had 8 images from it and i only needed 4.  Yet again the Ink, Markers, and Paper is SU.  I then added Petalloo flowers and ribbon that i got from Michaels.  and the lil bit of DP I just grabbed out of my stash of scraps.  The Embossing i used my cuttlebug bubbles folder. 
Then There is my okay Tiger card.  its on black cardstock and one set of paws in the center has orange and black striped DP behind it.  The DP behind my Tiger (which is cut out using Deckled Oval by spellbinders) i used my orange Tiger striped glossy DP.  and then i added a  lil bling on the bottom corner.  I am thinking it might have looked better if i would have fussy cut out the tiger and made the glossy dp a lil smaller so that the other strip of dp which had paw prints on and staying about cats would show more. 

so there you have it girls my 2 almost 3 week escursion on a card marathon for just 1 swap.  I know i am crazy. 

April turned out to be a super busy swap month for me.  I am in 3 secret sister swaps, plus my Divine secret sister swap and oodles of other.  i know i have to get crackin on more cards as i got a clean and simple due for the 6 and a recycled forest swap due on the 11th. 

Hope you enjoy ladies!  Happy Crafting to you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

SU card club day!


So Yesterday was my SU card club day and we had wonderful creations. We made a card and a lil treat basket using the Mini milk carton big die. 

The card we used the hydrangea set from the hostess set, and the embossing is with the tulip folder.  I so want that set, but i got to wait for August when its my month for hostess.  HURRY UP AUGUST!!!!

 Not only was it the day for SU The hubby's boys were able to come visit him for his youngest son's birthday.  He turned 12 on the 18 and for his birthday he wanted a dragon cake.  So that's what the hubby got him.  A friend of ours bakes cakes, however we were expecting a lil dragon cake, or even a sheet cake in the shape of a dragon.  Nope she went all out using it as a trial cake.  When rich and His oldest Son Trevor brought it out I had Zach cover his eyes or he would see it before they got it to the living room and i wanted a picture of his reaction for Rich.  That's Zach on the couch the pictures a lil blurry cuz they were all moving so fast and Zach was jumping up on the couch waving his arms around saying OMG!  WOW!  Trevor is the one in the Red.  And the lil girl in the pink and purple that didn't make it in the picture all the way well that is LILY my 7 year old niece the youngest one she has a creation coming up next.  LOL! 
Rich has just recently got back in touch with his kids.  Its a long story but he's gone along time with his kids mom not letting him have much if anything to do with his kids.  Over Christmas he was only able to see Zach as he was the only one that wanted to start seeing his dad again.  Now Trevor decided to start too.  So hopefully this is a good sign and they can rebuild their relationship again.  Just hoping and praying that one day is Oldest (daughter) will want to see things in a different light that what she does and start visiting her dad again.  It's strange though that I'm a step mom and don't even feel like it yet.  but i think that has alot to do with the fact that he doesn't see them on a regular basis. 

Lily decided she wanted to spend the night at my house and make some cards well she got there around 4pm right after i got home from my SU card club.  Then Rich's boys got there around 5pm and within that Hour she asked me 3 times about making a basket for candy and a card.  LOL!  ;)  well after all that is the reason she wanted to come over.  She has been hounding her mom since valentines day when she got upset she didn't get to make cards but Shavanna did.  The lil basket that i made at the SU club i let Trevor have so Lily really wanted to make one.  So this is what i made her.  She chose the stamp, colors, and punches.    I did the 2-5-7-10 box of SCS resource page.  While i made the box she sat there telling me i was making it wrong.  LOL!  :) i said then you read the instructions and make it.  she's like nope its too hard I'll just make my card.  So she played with my scrap paper and made my Nephew Alex a card, as he came home to see his dad (my brother) for spring break.  so this is the card she worked on.  she had 2 fails at it and had to start over, as she couldn't get the wording right and she was using lil itty bitty scrap paper and trying to fit a paragraph in it.  3rd times a charm right.  This time i told her I'd write she just told me what to put.  It worked.  She had the stamping perfect for the sides at first as she did the stamp off with stamping 2 more after the first one without re inking.  it was perfect but she must not of thought so as she re stamped the bottom 2 chicks.  :)  At least she had fun. 


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rainy Day Swap Kit and Craft Time with Snake!

So you are all probably wondering What the Heck, CRAFT TIME WITH SNAKE!.  Well It was late and I wanted to finish up my Rainy Day swap kits so i can get them in the mail this weekend.  However my hubby and I had a snake that just did not want to stay in his tank.  Each time hubby tried to stick him in their he wouldnt stay, then he was to squirly with the hubby.  So you can guess which snake it was.  YEP.  you guessed it Mr. Burmese.  he loves his mommy.  so he stayed all nice and sung on my shoulders like a nice little necklace and the only time he would squeeze is if you mentioned putting him back in the tank.  LOL!  he's just a tiny thing so he isnt able to squeeze enough to harm me.  Good thereapy for stiff necks and shoulders though.  you can see he's got his tail locked around the rest of him and his head is pokeing out by my shoulder of the arm thats holding the camera to get the picture.  He did not flinch or hardly move at all while i was crafting.  It was realxing too.  when he did move it massaged, and he would stick his head in my hair and tickle me a lil.  after about 2 hours of hanging around on my neck he finally went in his cage no problem. 

Okay on to my Rainy day kits.  This is what i was working on while he was on my neck.  I did a card kit using Great Impression Stamp of the month  May 2010 set.  The card will come out looking similar to this one.  The kit i included one set all pre cut and then another one where they have to measure and cut themselves.

The other set I made for the swap are my wonderful fast to put togther List pads.  I have all the supplies and then included instructions on making them.  That way after doing the kit if they like them, and want to make them for other family friends they can and will have all the dimentions.  I found that particular one on SCS Resources section.  If you would like to make some for yourself just head on over using the link and get a copy of the instructions.  I included a image of a rainy day and a sentiment that says Rainy Day Shopping List. 
I dont have a completed one of this particular one, however i do have a few from back at christmas time that i made.
Hope you have enjoyed!  I know I certainly did.