Welcome to my wacky world. I call it that because sometimes I feel like I am off in my own world. As the saying on one of my stamps and
my fridge magnet says "I know i'm in my own little world. It's OK they know me here."

Here you will learn a little about me and my life. Like my marriages, my critters and my hobbies. I love taking photos. so along the way there might be alot of photos.My life is full of ups and downs, more often the downs. I just try to keep on a happy face. Doesnt always work when you suffer from anxiety and depression. But I still always manage to keep my Bubbly little personality.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

4 Legged Critter Swap! Finally Done!!!!!


Well I managed to get them done.  It only took me 2 weeks but I am proud to say they went in the mail the other day.  I finished my last set up that morning since i couldnt sleep.  Dont really like how the tiger ones turned out.

I had to do a spot in Mice, Penquin, Bear, Reptile(turtle), Hedgehog, and Tiger.  These are the cards.  I cant remember all the info but i'll do my best.
The first one here is my mouse cards.  the images are Great Impression. *sorry not the best picture.  The paper is Stampin Up.  Not sure about the DP.  Next is my Reptile Turtle Cards.  Again the image is Great Impression, and the paper is Stampin Up along with my ink. 
Then for my next card Penquin.  All the images are yet again Great Impressions, and the paper or majority of is Stampin up I think.  I cant remember.  This card i colored with SU markers, Spica Glitter pens, Gelly roll glaze, suffle, glitter and metallic pens.   Then there is my Bear Cards.  Stamps are  from Northwoods, and the paper is stuff i had laying around.  This card i used colored pencils and gamsol on it.  The coloring turned out pretty decent i think. 

Then we got my Awsome Hedgie card.  I got the image from a PIF thread over on SCS.  I was lucky i had 8 images from it and i only needed 4.  Yet again the Ink, Markers, and Paper is SU.  I then added Petalloo flowers and ribbon that i got from Michaels.  and the lil bit of DP I just grabbed out of my stash of scraps.  The Embossing i used my cuttlebug bubbles folder. 
Then There is my okay Tiger card.  its on black cardstock and one set of paws in the center has orange and black striped DP behind it.  The DP behind my Tiger (which is cut out using Deckled Oval by spellbinders) i used my orange Tiger striped glossy DP.  and then i added a  lil bling on the bottom corner.  I am thinking it might have looked better if i would have fussy cut out the tiger and made the glossy dp a lil smaller so that the other strip of dp which had paw prints on and staying about cats would show more. 

so there you have it girls my 2 almost 3 week escursion on a card marathon for just 1 swap.  I know i am crazy. 

April turned out to be a super busy swap month for me.  I am in 3 secret sister swaps, plus my Divine secret sister swap and oodles of other.  i know i have to get crackin on more cards as i got a clean and simple due for the 6 and a recycled forest swap due on the 11th. 

Hope you enjoy ladies!  Happy Crafting to you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

SU card club day!


So Yesterday was my SU card club day and we had wonderful creations. We made a card and a lil treat basket using the Mini milk carton big die. 

The card we used the hydrangea set from the hostess set, and the embossing is with the tulip folder.  I so want that set, but i got to wait for August when its my month for hostess.  HURRY UP AUGUST!!!!

 Not only was it the day for SU The hubby's boys were able to come visit him for his youngest son's birthday.  He turned 12 on the 18 and for his birthday he wanted a dragon cake.  So that's what the hubby got him.  A friend of ours bakes cakes, however we were expecting a lil dragon cake, or even a sheet cake in the shape of a dragon.  Nope she went all out using it as a trial cake.  When rich and His oldest Son Trevor brought it out I had Zach cover his eyes or he would see it before they got it to the living room and i wanted a picture of his reaction for Rich.  That's Zach on the couch the pictures a lil blurry cuz they were all moving so fast and Zach was jumping up on the couch waving his arms around saying OMG!  WOW!  Trevor is the one in the Red.  And the lil girl in the pink and purple that didn't make it in the picture all the way well that is LILY my 7 year old niece the youngest one she has a creation coming up next.  LOL! 
Rich has just recently got back in touch with his kids.  Its a long story but he's gone along time with his kids mom not letting him have much if anything to do with his kids.  Over Christmas he was only able to see Zach as he was the only one that wanted to start seeing his dad again.  Now Trevor decided to start too.  So hopefully this is a good sign and they can rebuild their relationship again.  Just hoping and praying that one day is Oldest (daughter) will want to see things in a different light that what she does and start visiting her dad again.  It's strange though that I'm a step mom and don't even feel like it yet.  but i think that has alot to do with the fact that he doesn't see them on a regular basis. 

Lily decided she wanted to spend the night at my house and make some cards well she got there around 4pm right after i got home from my SU card club.  Then Rich's boys got there around 5pm and within that Hour she asked me 3 times about making a basket for candy and a card.  LOL!  ;)  well after all that is the reason she wanted to come over.  She has been hounding her mom since valentines day when she got upset she didn't get to make cards but Shavanna did.  The lil basket that i made at the SU club i let Trevor have so Lily really wanted to make one.  So this is what i made her.  She chose the stamp, colors, and punches.    I did the 2-5-7-10 box of SCS resource page.  While i made the box she sat there telling me i was making it wrong.  LOL!  :) i said then you read the instructions and make it.  she's like nope its too hard I'll just make my card.  So she played with my scrap paper and made my Nephew Alex a card, as he came home to see his dad (my brother) for spring break.  so this is the card she worked on.  she had 2 fails at it and had to start over, as she couldn't get the wording right and she was using lil itty bitty scrap paper and trying to fit a paragraph in it.  3rd times a charm right.  This time i told her I'd write she just told me what to put.  It worked.  She had the stamping perfect for the sides at first as she did the stamp off with stamping 2 more after the first one without re inking.  it was perfect but she must not of thought so as she re stamped the bottom 2 chicks.  :)  At least she had fun. 


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rainy Day Swap Kit and Craft Time with Snake!

So you are all probably wondering What the Heck, CRAFT TIME WITH SNAKE!.  Well It was late and I wanted to finish up my Rainy Day swap kits so i can get them in the mail this weekend.  However my hubby and I had a snake that just did not want to stay in his tank.  Each time hubby tried to stick him in their he wouldnt stay, then he was to squirly with the hubby.  So you can guess which snake it was.  YEP.  you guessed it Mr. Burmese.  he loves his mommy.  so he stayed all nice and sung on my shoulders like a nice little necklace and the only time he would squeeze is if you mentioned putting him back in the tank.  LOL!  he's just a tiny thing so he isnt able to squeeze enough to harm me.  Good thereapy for stiff necks and shoulders though.  you can see he's got his tail locked around the rest of him and his head is pokeing out by my shoulder of the arm thats holding the camera to get the picture.  He did not flinch or hardly move at all while i was crafting.  It was realxing too.  when he did move it massaged, and he would stick his head in my hair and tickle me a lil.  after about 2 hours of hanging around on my neck he finally went in his cage no problem. 

Okay on to my Rainy day kits.  This is what i was working on while he was on my neck.  I did a card kit using Great Impression Stamp of the month  May 2010 set.  The card will come out looking similar to this one.  The kit i included one set all pre cut and then another one where they have to measure and cut themselves.

The other set I made for the swap are my wonderful fast to put togther List pads.  I have all the supplies and then included instructions on making them.  That way after doing the kit if they like them, and want to make them for other family friends they can and will have all the dimentions.  I found that particular one on SCS Resources section.  If you would like to make some for yourself just head on over using the link and get a copy of the instructions.  I included a image of a rainy day and a sentiment that says Rainy Day Shopping List. 
I dont have a completed one of this particular one, however i do have a few from back at christmas time that i made.
Hope you have enjoyed!  I know I certainly did.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I've completed Barb's thank you swap for the 15th as well.  One of the cards i've done you already seen.  its the same one I did for the Monthly swap.  The other card i CASED from my Card Creations book that the hubby got me for christmals.  I love that book.  its my lil bible of cards even though there are a lot i know i'll never do, same goes for my Paper Crafts one.  :)  I used Bravo Burgandy SU paper for the base, GP white with Cuttlebug swirls embossing folder.  I stamped thank you in the bottom corner.  Used my Prima flowers and Recollections Glitter dots, I also used Baja breeze SU cardstock to frame the white.  I sponged baja Breeze and Bravo Burgandy on the embossing.  The ribbon i'm not sure what the color or name is it just was similar in color so i grabbed it from my stash.

I am officially caught up on my cards.  I do have a kit swap due on the 29th, and I have to get started on Karly's Four legged friends swap now.  I have 22 cards to make for that one.  YIKES!  Think i can do it.  Only time will tell. 


So i have gone and done it and finished my swaps for the 15th,  Yikes i cut it kinda close.

This one is My color swap that i am in.  i had chosen the colors Pink and ??, Purple and ??, and black with vibrant color.  My black and vibrant color was easy peasy for figuring out as i played with the Bliss stamp set and tweaked it lots.  :)  You remember my Monthly swap card and my SU club card.  well i tweaked it once more.  My vibrant color I Chose is a bright Green.  I have a few shades of Green on the card.  First i used SU black card stock and then i took my Polished stone DP by Murdock papers in Green tea, then i added a black embossed sheet, (cant think of the name, but its a cuttlebug folder).  Then i took the Spellbinders deckled oval Largest one and i sponged Gable Green all over it.  Then I took my Bliss stamp.  The ribbon came from Walmart and is French something or other. ( i really do have to start writing down what i use and names of product.  LOL!)  I then added a few Prima and recollections flowers.  the center of the flowers are self adhesive rhinestones and recollections glitter dots.

This one is my Purple and ??  well i did green, since the foliage is green and i had the most perfect DP i got from Archivers the last time i was there.  The pattern is actually pink with a touch of purple and some green.  Its got embossing and glitter in it.  It was just perfect for this image.

This one is my Pink and ??  Well I did Blue.  i got 2 different blues but that's because in my stash of things for some reason i could find just plain ribbon that matched my blue paper.  so i got a bright blue and a light blue.  That's okay though because the paper has bright pink and light pink as well.  so i guess it works out great.  :)
That's the one thing i can never get to match perfectly for all cards in a swap is the Flowers.  i always have a few of this color and a few of that color.   Oh and you cant forget one of this design.  So i kinda mix and match the flowers the best i can to fit the colors of the card.   The DP on this card is in fact Glitter and its almost the weight of light chipboard.  It is made by Recollections.  I found a really great purple one with swirls on it.  I'm a sucker for glittery shiny things i guess.  but it worked great for this swap.  although i have no stamping on this card and surprisingly it still took me 2 hours to make all 6.

There we have it my color swap cards.  hope you enjoyed.  

Friday, March 11, 2011

Stylish Blog Award!

I've had my blog since late last year, and I just now recently started following other blogs as well.  Well I follow Jeanette's blog she is the hostess Forest Ranger on SCS. She always has wonderful creations, and always finds wonderful creations on other blogs too. Until today I followed it through SCS, when I'd see she was making a posting i would go check it out.  I don't always comment as i never know what to say. 
So I decided I am going to start regularly following blogs.  Can't guarantee I can comment on all of them, as I rarely know what to say for a comment. 

Okay on to the point.   Well she received the Stylish blog award and was supposed to pass it on to 8 recipients.  Well as she put it how am i to choose only 8 out of all those wonderful blogs.  So its up to us if we felt like claiming the Award.  As hard as it is to pass it on to 8 recipients I thought i was up to the challenge.  I know one person in particular I thought it might cheer up.

I'm supposed to share 8 things about myself and then pay it forward to 8 recipients.  So here are my 8 things.......hmmmm i am it's really difficult to think of 8. 

1.  I no longer have a complete fear of Spiders.  I certainly will not hold one, but I can at least look at one without freaking out.

2.  I  don't have a car since last fall so i have to find alternative ways of getting around, however as much as it is a money saver not having to spend all that money on Gas it tends to be a big pain when it comes time to grocery shopping (the one we like going to which is less expensive is a 45 minute drive), getting to doctors (as mine is a 30 min drive away), or even just wanting to out for a drive to get a way from things.  I still prefer not having a car still. 

3.  I love to do Photography and take lots of pictures, but i can never seem to manage to get them printed out.  If  did I'd probably have 10,000 photos lying around my house along with the umpteen 1,000 already printed from before 2008.  I am trying something new by loading them to my Shutterfly and share site, but haven't gotten around to doing much of that either. 

4.  I love card making and if i could spend all day stamping i would, however i loose focus alot and i can procrastinate when it starts feeling like a job, so i do it when the feeling of wanting to stamp hits me.  .

5.  My dream vacation will always be Hawaii, however i have settled for the Bahamas and have been there once and want to go back.  Where my husband has been to Hawaii twice. 

6.  I have 2 really wonderful pups a 7month chihuahua and a 3 year old mini daxi, I have to take them out every few hours, and most of the time if I'm crafting wish they would learn how to use a toilet.  LOL!  never gonna happen but i can dream can't I.

7.  I want kids, but with all the problems I've had trying to have them, I am content with the fact of not having any.  I am content even if it never does happen for me.  However if it does ever happen I will be very ecstatic about it, but i wont count my chickens before they hatch.

8. hmmm....that's a tuffy.  I just had trouble thinking of 7 other things that weren't totally depressing or upsetting.  Yes i suffer from depression and anxiety and as much as i try to hide it alot i think many people see right through me. 

Okay on to the 8 people that i would like to pass this on to. 
1.  Emily
2. Kelly
3. Patty
WOW.  It really is hard to choose 8.  Now i see why Jeanette just left it up for grabs.  :)
4. Becky
5. Tami
6. Gael
7. April
8. Laura Jean

After many hard decisions I finished.  However I strongly believe all the blogs i follow deserve the Stylish Blog Award.  :)  so even if you aren't listed just know that you are also included. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monthly Swap time!

My SU Club Card

My Monthly Swap

Yep it would be that time again.  Getting close to the 15th of the month and you know what that means.  My Monthly swap is due.  Well so i had so much fun and liked the stamp set and card i made at my su club that i got it.  well i actually ordered enough product to get it free cuz it is the BLISS (SAB).  i didnt have exactly what i would need to recreate it since the black striped paper we had used was retired so i changed it up.  For the background black paper i did a diferent embossed look to it, i used the scrollwork frame and then instead of squares to do the rest I used the deckled oval spellbinders and this is the creations. 

I did My Monthly swap cards in bulk.  I made enough for 1 spot in my thank you swap that is due the same day.  I got one more spot to do.  then i will post them. 
I did 1 spot of my color swap using the Bliss stamp set, but i changed the design for it.  that will also be on its way to being posted as well.  as they are all due on the 15th this month. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crafting with the Nieces!

So i had my nieces over for the weekend and they decided to play with my ink, stamps and paper.  :)  The oldest niece Shoshana doesnt play with them that often but Shavanna the middle niece loves to create.  To my surprise Shoshana liked doing it this weekend and made more then Shavanna.  That and shavavana would only let me take a picture of her first card she made, the rest she hurried and put away before i could get to them.  Shashana too, she would only let me take a picture of a few.  then put the rest away. 

So this first one is a Shoshana Creation.  She used my purple glitter flower ribbon before i even could.  LOL! :)  and you cant really see it to good but below the ribbon she stamped a set of 3 mushrooms. 

This is another Shoshana Creation.  Yet again she dug into my Petaloo flowers before i got a chance to use them.  So I picked on her the whole weekend.  everytime she used my good suplies i wouls say UH!  My GOOD FLOWERS........MY GOOD RIBBON.    she then would say WELL TOO BAD.  LOL!  she can be a smarty pants though. 

This is another Shoshana Creation, and i believe one of her BEST ones.  well aside from they one she gave her gramma (my mom) that was small and had a gnome stamped on it and flowers.  then she hand wrote on the inside of that one.  "even though your short, i still love you just as if you were as tall as me."  LOL!  she definately can come of with some wacky sentiments. 

She made up a birthday one that was great and can be used for anyone too.  it goes like this.  "May all your Birthday candle flames shine bright, like the stars and all your Birthday wishes come true."

The saying she put in my dads card was a way waky because he has plenty of medical issues from high blood pressure, to arthritis and she put his saying like this. 
"for the day you turn old and not yet die,  is like the front of this card, he's old and grumpy and some day you will be too, but just remember no matter your age or how much your broken we all love you just as if you were young again."

Shavana's cards

This is the only one Shavanna would let me see.  The front says Happy Easter on it.  Its hard to see because my flash decided it wanted to shine on the shiny paper she had used.  :)  this one she did completely with no help from me cutting paper for her.  Unlike the last creation day we had. 

None of the girls needed my help with cutting the paper this time.  I wish they woul have let me shown off some more cards,  I know shoshana had some more adorable lil cards.  She is a card maker at heart, even if she dont know it. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winner, Winner, we have a winner!

So I recently won the Fresh Brewed Designs Blog Hop.  It was some very exciting happy news that I needed.  I had such an overly crappy day today, that it was nice coming home from work after all i went through to find i won a package.  It's wonderful.

The wonderful package I will receive will be 5yd. of Martha Stewart ribbon, 3 crocheted heart embellies, 3 buttons, 16 sheets of 4 1/4 X 6 papers, the unmounted cute pie fairy in flowers, and the unmounted card backer stamp. 

Boy am i going to have fun playing with this one. 

Of course as soon as it arrives i will create a card with it and show off the goods.  :)