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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Secret Sister Easter Basket!

It's a long one. 

Yes you guess it another Secret Sister Swap!  And boy this one SPOILED ME!!!!!  I surely am not going to type all that was in there again so i am just going to copy and paste what i wrote for my thank you and to share with all the other swappers.  and I took pics in groups as there was ALOT.  and one pic just does not do it justice. 

""So I haven't been feeling good with my cold and i got cheered up by the gigantic box i had to pick up at the post office. I was like OMG when i got it, i surely was not expecting one that large. I sure did get spoiled by you. Thank You Heidi.

lets see you want to know whats in there. well lots and lots of newspaper for starters. LOL! with comics, everyone loves comics. well i'll use that for the snakes.

then plastic bags wrapping the basket. OH YOU WANT TO HEAR OF THE GOOD STUFF!!! OH OKAY. HERE GOES.

1-the basket is just awsome. It was jam packed, and alot of altered items. it was definately nicely put together until hubby noticed it and was digging for candy. LOL! he knew my last few SS swaps i got candy in. It is definately going to be my Scrap paper bin. its so cute with the ribbon wrapping it with the fairies, and mushrooms stamped on it, along with a sentiment "fairies Live Here" and some purple flowers added to it.

2-A Handmade Fairy Embossing Folder (wonderful) I love it and cant wait to try it out. It was tied with a pretty pink ribbon and instructions. I like it as i dont think they've made embossing folders with a fairy on it i've only found the Cottage cutz fillagree fairy. so this is great. and handmade is even better.

3-A Very beautiful Fairy card.

4-Envies full of die cut shapes to make punch art cards along with pictures of them. Ive never done them so im excited to use those.

5-Spellbinders Flower Silhouette impressionabilities

6-Flowers 3D 3tone mix floral embellishments by forever in time

7-a plastic pie container decorated and full of prima flowers in assorted varieties and colors.

8-A bag of wedges for spongeing

9-A bag full of assorted tags. (never created with those so it till be fun to try and use) especially for christmas

10-A very cute handmade box with what looks like handmade coasters with a fairy design.

11-handmade bag with blue recollections glitter dots, a planter fairy, Rheinstones, double sided tape, dewdrops with a lil note on how to color them the color you want.

12-A cute handmade box with a flower for closure on the top and inside is a cupcake liner full of brads (which look handmade) that have fairies on them.

13-Another altered container with a fairy on top filled with 3 stamps: 1 flower, 1 lizzard, and 1 very funny sentiment "this card was made by hand if you throw it away those same hands will make a doll in your image and stick pins in its butt."

14-An Altered Tin with beautiful paper(had a hard time figuring how to open it up) LOL! Had a handmade tag (like the ones i got) with a handmade flower on it ( got to know how to make those flowers) Inside there was 2 rubber stamps my Amy Brown Fairy on a mushroom i believe is the starshine fairy (which i didnt know they had) thank you and already mounted and trimmed to EZ Mount foam. And a sweet pea fairy also already mounted and trimmed on ez mount foam.

15-Recollections rhienstones in the shape of hearts, squares and circles.

16-a decorated tube which had blue studio g glitter glue.

17-a bag full of little treat size paper bags

18-Images of the SU fairy stamp set i'm wanting.

19-Die Cut Something that folds up into an envie

20-and paper that looks like handmade DP with Tinkerbell and friends

Wow thats alot. and 20 items and my bday on the 20th so it makes for a great easter basket.

it definately cheeered me up with how i've been feeling.

thank you Heidi."

So thats all a very long list, that was very cheerful to me. 

Just because this one is so long.  I will save the Homade Embossing folder For tomarrow.  I will include what she replied on how to make it and the layering.


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