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my fridge magnet says "I know i'm in my own little world. It's OK they know me here."

Here you will learn a little about me and my life. Like my marriages, my critters and my hobbies. I love taking photos. so along the way there might be alot of photos.My life is full of ups and downs, more often the downs. I just try to keep on a happy face. Doesnt always work when you suffer from anxiety and depression. But I still always manage to keep my Bubbly little personality.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Girlfriend swap.

So I finished my Girlfriend swap and mailed them out as they are due tomarrow.  I did have them done for about a week now, I am just getting to posting some pics right now. 

the first one I used the Embrace life set (or well thats what i call it)  I used the twig stamp and stamped random on my background and then took a small flower stamp in pixie pink and stamped near the leaves.  its hard to see in the picture. 

 This other card i seen in a magazine and just had to try it.  the white and purple card pulls out and there is a sentiment about friends on the inside.  However silly me forgot to take a picture of it while it was pulled out. 

so there is my  Girlfriend Swap.  :) 

Sorry its short and to the point and i dont have many details.  but most of my cards are pretty self explanitory.  just by looking at it.  Im trying to include more deets on what was used. 
Also i apologize for any lul periods with no cards posted as sometimes my anxiety and depression takes over and then i have no ambition.  It took me 1 week just to think up these 2 sets. 

Until next time.

Happy Creating!


Pam~ said...

Pretty cards for your swap! I like your tri-fold card! I'm with you on not posting much lately. I've lost my mojo and still haven't found it.

Rhonda Langley said...

I really love this set!

Donna Heber said...


I'm sure whomever receives your swap cards will love them. Wonderful job with the Embrace Life set.

KER said...

fabu cards...lucky recipient

gale said...

Awesome cards! Love that second one the best.

The Mama Monkey said...

LOVE the colors! Great swap...everyone will be thrilled!

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