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Sunday, March 20, 2011

SU card club day!


So Yesterday was my SU card club day and we had wonderful creations. We made a card and a lil treat basket using the Mini milk carton big die. 

The card we used the hydrangea set from the hostess set, and the embossing is with the tulip folder.  I so want that set, but i got to wait for August when its my month for hostess.  HURRY UP AUGUST!!!!

 Not only was it the day for SU The hubby's boys were able to come visit him for his youngest son's birthday.  He turned 12 on the 18 and for his birthday he wanted a dragon cake.  So that's what the hubby got him.  A friend of ours bakes cakes, however we were expecting a lil dragon cake, or even a sheet cake in the shape of a dragon.  Nope she went all out using it as a trial cake.  When rich and His oldest Son Trevor brought it out I had Zach cover his eyes or he would see it before they got it to the living room and i wanted a picture of his reaction for Rich.  That's Zach on the couch the pictures a lil blurry cuz they were all moving so fast and Zach was jumping up on the couch waving his arms around saying OMG!  WOW!  Trevor is the one in the Red.  And the lil girl in the pink and purple that didn't make it in the picture all the way well that is LILY my 7 year old niece the youngest one she has a creation coming up next.  LOL! 
Rich has just recently got back in touch with his kids.  Its a long story but he's gone along time with his kids mom not letting him have much if anything to do with his kids.  Over Christmas he was only able to see Zach as he was the only one that wanted to start seeing his dad again.  Now Trevor decided to start too.  So hopefully this is a good sign and they can rebuild their relationship again.  Just hoping and praying that one day is Oldest (daughter) will want to see things in a different light that what she does and start visiting her dad again.  It's strange though that I'm a step mom and don't even feel like it yet.  but i think that has alot to do with the fact that he doesn't see them on a regular basis. 

Lily decided she wanted to spend the night at my house and make some cards well she got there around 4pm right after i got home from my SU card club.  Then Rich's boys got there around 5pm and within that Hour she asked me 3 times about making a basket for candy and a card.  LOL!  ;)  well after all that is the reason she wanted to come over.  She has been hounding her mom since valentines day when she got upset she didn't get to make cards but Shavanna did.  The lil basket that i made at the SU club i let Trevor have so Lily really wanted to make one.  So this is what i made her.  She chose the stamp, colors, and punches.    I did the 2-5-7-10 box of SCS resource page.  While i made the box she sat there telling me i was making it wrong.  LOL!  :) i said then you read the instructions and make it.  she's like nope its too hard I'll just make my card.  So she played with my scrap paper and made my Nephew Alex a card, as he came home to see his dad (my brother) for spring break.  so this is the card she worked on.  she had 2 fails at it and had to start over, as she couldn't get the wording right and she was using lil itty bitty scrap paper and trying to fit a paragraph in it.  3rd times a charm right.  This time i told her I'd write she just told me what to put.  It worked.  She had the stamping perfect for the sides at first as she did the stamp off with stamping 2 more after the first one without re inking.  it was perfect but she must not of thought so as she re stamped the bottom 2 chicks.  :)  At least she had fun. 



The Mama Monkey said...

WOW. That is an AMAZING cake! I would be jumping up and down, too!! So glad it was a fun day! And I love ALL the cards!

Pam~ said...

I'm not a reptile person but OMG, that is one cool cake! Love the card you made at your Stamp Club along with your niece's. So wonderful that she likes to come over and stamp!

gale said...

cute cards and basket. I love the little rabbit on the basket. That cake is crazy but amazing!!

Donna Heber said...


I see you had a good time at your card club and made some wonderful projects. I just love the dragon cake! I bet the boys adored it. So glad to see they are spending some time with your family. Your niece's card is pretty too with the chicks.

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