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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rainy Day Swap Kit and Craft Time with Snake!

So you are all probably wondering What the Heck, CRAFT TIME WITH SNAKE!.  Well It was late and I wanted to finish up my Rainy Day swap kits so i can get them in the mail this weekend.  However my hubby and I had a snake that just did not want to stay in his tank.  Each time hubby tried to stick him in their he wouldnt stay, then he was to squirly with the hubby.  So you can guess which snake it was.  YEP.  you guessed it Mr. Burmese.  he loves his mommy.  so he stayed all nice and sung on my shoulders like a nice little necklace and the only time he would squeeze is if you mentioned putting him back in the tank.  LOL!  he's just a tiny thing so he isnt able to squeeze enough to harm me.  Good thereapy for stiff necks and shoulders though.  you can see he's got his tail locked around the rest of him and his head is pokeing out by my shoulder of the arm thats holding the camera to get the picture.  He did not flinch or hardly move at all while i was crafting.  It was realxing too.  when he did move it massaged, and he would stick his head in my hair and tickle me a lil.  after about 2 hours of hanging around on my neck he finally went in his cage no problem. 

Okay on to my Rainy day kits.  This is what i was working on while he was on my neck.  I did a card kit using Great Impression Stamp of the month  May 2010 set.  The card will come out looking similar to this one.  The kit i included one set all pre cut and then another one where they have to measure and cut themselves.

The other set I made for the swap are my wonderful fast to put togther List pads.  I have all the supplies and then included instructions on making them.  That way after doing the kit if they like them, and want to make them for other family friends they can and will have all the dimentions.  I found that particular one on SCS Resources section.  If you would like to make some for yourself just head on over using the link and get a copy of the instructions.  I included a image of a rainy day and a sentiment that says Rainy Day Shopping List. 
I dont have a completed one of this particular one, however i do have a few from back at christmas time that i made.
Hope you have enjoyed!  I know I certainly did.


Becky said...

What a sweet card. Great picture, but I would not have one around my neck :)

Pam~ said...

Love the card ... the snake, well not so. OMGosh Michelle, that gives me chills looking at your pet snake wrapped around your neck! Guess you can tell I'm scared of snakes. I do love all the goodies in the background though.

~fairygirlmichelle~ said...

snakes are definately a thing a person has to like or get used to liking. I was in the get used to.

the of these days i will start posting on the least then they might get some use. LOL! well alot of things get use. others not so much.

Laura VanVleet said...

Cute kits! Love the shopping list idea. I could definately live w/o the snake! lol

Donna Heber said...

Wonderful projects Michelle! I'm on the fence though about the snake.

Rhonda Langley said...

I am not too squeamish when it comes to snakes but I don't think I could handle one wrapped around my neck-you are a brave soul!
Love the card-I like how you highlighted the frog.

The Mama Monkey said...

OH MY cuts would be all wonky because I would be so freaked out! LOL But he his your pet...and my doggies do keep my feet warm when I stamp. :)

gale said...

eek! Sorry but a snake would freak me out! lol. I love the card and kits you made. What a great idea.

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