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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Okay well I got this the other day, but wanted to wait a day or so before posting after my 4 legged one. 

I participate in some of the wonderful Secret Sister swaps on SCS.  They are great gals.  Well after the heck of a week I've gone through with anxiety screaming straight on thru every tunnel in my life lately i had this package to pick up at the post office.  I didn't waist no time either.  I left my mail in the mailbox and i went with the orange card and retrieved it.  Whats really funny is my mail is usually here after 11:40 but for some reason it was 10am and it was there.  SO glad that it was early.  This is the Beautiful Easter card Tracie sent revealing she was my Secret Sister Bunny.

With that card i got an awesome display of goodies.  at first i thought there was a mistake as my Bunny had 2 she had signed up for.  and there was just a slight mistake, but other than that we both got pretty much the same things.  Boy is she lucky i like Peanut Butter.   In the package i received a container of Peanut Butter Eggs (that one was the goof) as my survey listed starburst jelly beans, Russell stover Carmel eggs, and hallow chocolate.  So it worked out the one that was supposed to get the eggs got my jelly beans and she likes those kinds so its all good.    then there was a 2 pk of glue sticks (which i don't use but will keep for when my nieces come craft with me) a 4pk of loose glitter (we don't see eye to eye but i haven't given up just yet.  got to find the right glue) 3pk of Sickles in Diamond, Crystal, and Stardust. 1 roll of green ribbon and 1 roll of pink and white checkered ribbon.  a cute lil  decorative bunny.  1 pack of Cosmo's (which I'll pass on to my mom as i don't have a garden space and i have no green thumb) then there is a 2 year planner for 2011 and 2012   :)  Along with my favorite recollection embellishments, Glitter dots, 48pc flower, a 6pc flower(not exactly ones i would have chosen but they are flowers cant complain) a 2 pc pearl swirl recollection set.  (I'll prolly use them individual instead of as a swirl, A Happy Easter stamp (as which will be set aside for the kids to use not quite my style but I am happy to receive it)  a mat stack of K&Company mat pad a Susan Winget design.  Flower designs and a bit more vintage then cutesy.  (again may not be my style but i am happy to have received, i can hold on to it and let my nieces create with it or force myself to get into that style.)  Certainly last but not least.  I got a lil yellow Chickie filled with Glue dots (awsome cuz i am out til i can get a new box) a bag of grommets (never used before so not sure what to do with them) and a lil package of eyelets (ill just add to my oodles and oodles of them that i never use.  I'll figure something out for them.  Maybe my niece can make a art project using them.)
Then also there was a lil baggie full of those Dew drops in Clear and a lil baggie of Colored miscellaneous ones too.  (never used them either, that is the other thing that caused me to think there was a mistake so i investigated it.) Now just to figure out when to use them and how so they will look good.  Cuz i have to admit i would always look at them in the store but i can never figure out what to do with them.  Then the Blue basket was wrapped with Ribbon and i can place it on my desk for scraps and such.

 So there you have it, my great Secret Bunny Easter Basket,  I am sure to enjoy every lil bit in there even if it wasnt all my style.  I sure am greatful to recieve it all no matter what. 

happy crafting!!


Rhonda Langley said...

Cute card and awesome goodies! I use either Tombow Liquid glue for chunky glitter or Stampin' Up! 2-way glue pen for lighter weight glitter.

Donna Heber said...


Beautiful swap card and I hope you enjoy your goodies! Feel better soon.

KER said...


The Mama Monkey said...

Great package!! yay for you!!

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