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my fridge magnet says "I know i'm in my own little world. It's OK they know me here."

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fairy Element swap.

I Know I haven't had a post recently.  I am negleting my blog.  I don't intentionally do it.  I just havent had anything to post as i am not swapping nearly as much as i used to. 

I did complete a swap that was out of my comfort zone.  Its a "fairy journal element swap."

I usually stick to cards but beacause this was a fairy swap i decided to try it out.  I and found these fairy poppets in my stash of goodies that i have had since probably 2005.  so i diecided to use them. 

then i just did a journal card for another spot with some fairy rub ons.  simple.  And since one of my secret sisters and sent some homeade altered brads with a fairy on them i used them on the journal card.  No letting them sit around collect dust. 



KER said...

awesome...nice to branch out

Becky said...

These are gorgeous!

Rhonda Langley said...

You are braver than I am. I think I might participate in one swap a year-maybe! Love those fairy trinkets from your stash1

The Mama Monkey said...

It always feels good to stretch your wings! :) Great job!

gale said...

These are so cute!! Love that you stepped out of your comfort zone.

Pam~ said...

Great use of embellishments from your stash! Like these journals! I keep saying "one day I am going to make a journal". I just haven't found that one day yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

Donna Heber said...


I love your fairy journal pages! They are adorable.

Diane Clark-Sutton said...

Wow. Those turned out awesome.

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