Welcome to my wacky world. I call it that because sometimes I feel like I am off in my own world. As the saying on one of my stamps and
my fridge magnet says "I know i'm in my own little world. It's OK they know me here."

Here you will learn a little about me and my life. Like my marriages, my critters and my hobbies. I love taking photos. so along the way there might be alot of photos.My life is full of ups and downs, more often the downs. I just try to keep on a happy face. Doesnt always work when you suffer from anxiety and depression. But I still always manage to keep my Bubbly little personality.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tattoo's tatoo's tattoo's

Well like I said I have plenty of tattoo's mostly because my hubby is a tattoo artist.  So this is the first one he did on me that my friends had paid for me to get.  That is when i first met my hubby. 

 Then I couldnt keep my mind off him I told my friend about wanting to get another one.  She got in contact with him about it.  Well its in my first post as well, he ended up giving it to me as my birthday present, and the day after he told me that he ended up asking me out as well.  So here the 2nd one is.

 By then I got addicted and figured since all my fairy nicknack collection was packed away I could start collecting them on my body as a work of art.  So this one is my third one I got. With my addition to it later on down the road after I had gotten others.  This is how it first looked when finished but it looked to plain.


This one is of my addition to it, and it looks so much better.

Yep another Fairy!

Yep yet again another Fairy!

This one I am not to fond of no more.  I got it with 2 other friends of mine who are no longer apart of my life due to them disliking my husband.
This Tattoo is shared with My sister, and I.  May of 2009 our soon to be sister in law passed away on Mothers day and this is in her honour.  It was her very first mother's day too.  A very sad night for everyone.  She woke up from a nap in the afternoon and passed out on the kitchen floor.  Died from a blood clot in her lung, due to her Yaz birth control.

This one tattoo is very sad and emotional for me.  Last year 2009 a few days after Thanksgiving I came home from work with very severe pains in my side.  I went in to the ER and found out I was 4 weeks pregnant but my HCG levles were low.  They were only 2800.  I had some issues with the ER in my town.  The doctor didn't feel the need to tell me that they couldnt see a yoc sac, or that the mass on my ovary was a cyst.  I found that out from getting a second opinion.  I wouldnt have even got the 2nd opinion if it wasnt for the nurse.  She came in with some paperwork for me and goes "did the doctor tell you that you may or maynot be pregnant, and that there is a mass on your ovary"  so there I go freaking out.  Aslo during the time I was waiting for her to even bring the paperwork I had to go out in the lobby to ask what was taking so long.  Doctor comes up to me infront of all the nurses without even going back into the room with me and said my culture came back positive for a UTI.  WHAT, WHAT ABOUT PRIVACY DUDE!.
Well with the second opinion they did a catheter test and it came back my town's ER doesn't know what they are doing appearently.  Good thing I didn't take the antibiotics. 
Well my second opion told me we had to watch my HCG levels for a few days and hope they keep going up, and they gave me something for the pain from the cyst.  However it was demeral so i didnt take any i stuck to over the counter that the pharmacy said would be safe. 
Well I had found out about the pregnancy on the 28th, went in for the 2nd opinion on the 29th and then on December 1st I woke up to alot bleeding, i immediately screamed for Rich and had him take me to St. Michaeal where I had gotten my 2nd opinion. There I found out my HCG levels dropped to 400 and I was miscarrying.  So this tattoo is to help me let go of the pain after all the years of trying to get pregnant and it never happening.  I so wanted the pregnancy this time. When i say this time it's because back in 2000 I was pregnant at 18, and with all of life's struggles and physical problems I was going to have lots of trouble carrying full term with the possibilty of having a later term miscarriage and possibly not being able to have kids.  So early on I did what the doctors and I agreed on, and as a christian not to happy about the situation either I ended up having to get an abortion.  However It was for good causes.  The pregnancy wasnt a totall eptopic pregnancy but very close to it.  As the docs put it, it was having trouble leaving the end of the tube.  I do wonder what would have happend if I tried.  I was okay with it at the time being 18 and bearly being able to make it on my own.  But then In 2006 when I was with Joe i tried like crazy to get pregnant and nothing.  So you can imagine how I felt when I finally got pregnant because I wanted to be, and then loosing it.

I got 2 more tattoo's 1 is my fairy on my thigh is for My sisters kids it has 4 roses and a fairy.  It's not completely colored in yet.  the pink is for the youngest girl Lilly, the orange is for the middle girl Shavanna, the green is for the Oldest girl shoshana, and last but not least the blue is for the yougest and only boy Bryant.
My last tattoo to shar is of my love and pride and joy of a teacup chihuahua Minnie, May she RIP.  These are her actuall foot prints.  She was a gift for me from my hubby and when the tragic accident happend I wanted a part of that gift to stay with me always not just in Memory and pictures so we took one of my many ink pads and inked her paws up and transfered them to paper,  from there they became my tattoo and shoulder angel.  That lil girl would always curl up on my shoulder like she was a parrot.  LOL!
So there you have it a little more information on me and all my tattoo's.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So my life has always had ups and downs. Like this summer my hubby decided to start collecting snakes...Yes snakes, and yes they are the live kind of snakes. It started out as one and worked its way up. We've had numerous snakes in and out of our house. It got me over my fear of them when he brought home Princess a ball python from a good friend of his.
She is alot bigger now. It eventually grew to an obsession with him. At one point we ended up with 5 boa constrictors, 8 ball pythons, 4 king snakes, 1 super dwarf reticulated python, 1 Burmese python, 2 dumeril boas, 1 coastal jungle carpet python, at least 5 corn snakes, and 1 milk snake. However not all of them we had at once. we did at one time have 30 though. He got into rehomeing them to better homes. we would find them cheap off of craigslist because someone couldn't take care of them, or just because they decided they didn't want them no more. at this time we still have the retic, the Burmese, 6 ball pythons, the carpet python,and 1 king snake which escaped twice, the last time i found him on the street below our apartment. I now call him Houdini. We've had a few of them escape and not be found yet, a few died because they came to us too sick to fix up and re home. However i had finally gotten my hubby to let go of the big snakes even though he wanted to keep them. Its sad to say but my beloved ferret (Slinky) was the reason for him to make that decision he was our little buddy. One day we took 2 of the snakes to our pastors house for him to keep, and we would let our ferret free roam our house. Partially our fault for not looking to put him away, and the hubby not making sure there was weight on the dumerils tanks. However at the time we didn't know the dumerils were out either. Well the next morning i hadn't heard or seen my ferret. but i noticed the dumerils were loose. I told the hubby to look for them as i had to leave the apartment for the day to get things done. His gout was so bad he couldn't even walk that day. So not only was the ferret (Slinky) out and about no where to be seen, i figured just sleeping. well so was our dumerils. The hubby had found the female dumeril but not the male. That night he told me he hadn't seen the ferret all day and usually he would come out and sneak some food from the dogs dish. Later that night i found the dumeril by the side of the bed where my ferret (slinky) would hide. Well lets just say there was a huge lump in his belly. At that time we didn't know ferrets were their natural food source in the wild. Sadly i miss him. So did our Teacup Chihuahua at time. My hubby had gotten me her early in the summer as an I'm sorry gift.

Here name is Minnie Mouse

Although with her too she had a tragic end. I really do miss her and have her foot prints tattooed on my shoulder. Shortly after moving into our new apartment down the hall which is bigger; My hubby started to get dizzy spells. One day he was going to work on unpacking some things and he tripped during a dizzy spell and fell on top of her. She was always at our feet. It all happened while I was at work or I would have been cuddling her on the couch. He did what he could to keep her alive but sadly she passed on and a friend of ours had to come place her in a box. When I got home that day he had to tell me the bad news. It was hard on me since i had just bought her a bag of dog food that day as well. It took me awhile but i finally was able to come to terms to the accidents happen and was able to get another dog again. It isn't a teacup but it is a chihuahua and he got himself a Mini Dachsund. The Chihuahua is Tootsie Roll and the Mini Dachsund is Lovey

There are others in the past that have come and gone due to our helping rehoming displaced and unwanted pets. that will be another post however. along with some posts on my tattoos.