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Thursday, April 7, 2011

CAS Birthday Swap and Recycling in the Forest Swap!

Hi all, So I got 2 more swaps completed even while under all that stress and being sick through work and home situations.  I did my CAS Birthday swap although it ended up only being one set instead of 2, and i got my recyling in the forest swap completed. 

I love the CAS birthday one except i should have skipped the punch in the corner.  it just looks goofy, and i should have added a lil darker green for the ribbon.  But all in all it still looks good.

My Recycling in the Forest swap Turned out Ok!  I'm not a big fan of the pipe cleaner flower (which i made myself)   I had seen these flowers in the store going for $3.99 for 3, and though hey they dont look that hard to make.  They really arnt hard to make but they are definately hard to get all the petals to be the same size and shape.  I'm not giving up i will find away to perfect them.  As for he card, my recycled item is the bottle top.  i think that might be whats making the flower look funny.  I liked the card without the flower and thought because of the DP there are flowers resembling the one i made it would look good.  Well to late they are in the mail.   



KER said...

both are the flowers on each one

Becky said...

Both of these are lovely..

Rhonda Langley said...

I love that you made your flower with a pipe cleaner! I like the bottle top-very collage-like!

gale said...

Very cute cards. I love the pipe cleaner flower. I might have to dig out the kids' supply of pipe cleaners and give that a try.

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