Welcome to my wacky world. I call it that because sometimes I feel like I am off in my own world. As the saying on one of my stamps and
my fridge magnet says "I know i'm in my own little world. It's OK they know me here."

Here you will learn a little about me and my life. Like my marriages, my critters and my hobbies. I love taking photos. so along the way there might be alot of photos.My life is full of ups and downs, more often the downs. I just try to keep on a happy face. Doesnt always work when you suffer from anxiety and depression. But I still always manage to keep my Bubbly little personality.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

??? what to do with it now?

Okay so I had the whole day off and spent most of it snuggling with the dogs.  I did get 16 of my pockets done.  I got the idea from Beth-A-Palooza.  Then I tweaked it to have 2 pockets similar to Mish Mash.  I like her bags better then the lunch bags.  However i got what i could at the store without having to wait for them to ship.  The way i tweaked them is i folded it so the top opening stayed the top, and then the part you fold down, i folded in.  They aren't decorated yet but here is a picture.

Then I sat down for a while to watch some movies with the hubby and check my SCS, and other things and i got warmed up by my 2 personal heaters.  Apparently they wanted in on what was going on in SCS world tonight.  LOL!


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