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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Creations as promised.

well i managed to find a few moments to post my creations.  all the christmas items i made are similar to these so i'm not going to post all of them.  but these ones.  i gave one set to my Boss and a co-worker as a way of thanking them for the rides to and from work.  the other one is going to my sister.
The pockets are going to the neices and nephews, and two of them to my gift exchange gift for the big family get together january 2nd.  im also making the post it note holders for all my uncles and the notepads for all my aunts.  i wont repost a pic as they will be same as what was just posted just differnt designs. 

so for christmas i made 10 pockets, 4 post it note holders, 4 notepads, got 8 more notepads made just have to design the front cover to them.  I only got 8 more post it note holders to make.   so i'm sitting pretty good as far as christmas goes, i even have some time to make a few goodies.
I was thinking my chocolate butterscotch crispie treats, peanut butter balls, and peanut butter kiss cookies.  YUM YUM!  going to make some for my family gathering too, but i dont want them to harden so i'll do that batch closer to new years, or on new years; what a way to ring in the new year then baking.  LOL!  we'll have to see what i work.


Pam~ said...

You've been a busy little stamper! Love your packets that you made! Everything looks great and wonderful gifts for everyone!

Rhonda Langley said...

Great gifts! Love the little treat pockets! Cute!

Donna Heber said...


Wow! You have been very busy. Fantastic projects and I am sure everyone is just going to love those treat pockets.

KER said...

wonderful projects...inspires me to do more gifts like this...thanks!...enjoy your Christmas and your family get together

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