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Here you will learn a little about me and my life. Like my marriages, my critters and my hobbies. I love taking photos. so along the way there might be alot of photos.My life is full of ups and downs, more often the downs. I just try to keep on a happy face. Doesnt always work when you suffer from anxiety and depression. But I still always manage to keep my Bubbly little personality.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas is around the corner!!!!

Wow, Christmas will be around the corner in just a week.  The time just flew by, doesn't help when I worked 6 days in a row this past work week.  YIKES!  Bearley made a dent in that to do list.  I managed to get a few done, but not as much as I liked.  Got some gifts wrapped.

I can Officially say I've contracted the BAH HUM BUG disease!  LOL!

I've been so bummed and working hard that i didn't bother with Christmas decorations except 1 small 32 in tree with 2 ornaments.  How pitiful is that?  I usually have all my decorations up first week of December, and Cards mailed out shortly after thanksgiving. Presents are usually already wrapped and ready to go by now.  and any handmade crafts would only have the finishing touches to be needed this week.  So boy I'm in for alot of work.  I have tomorrow and Friday off, then i work one night and off again for a day.  then i work mornings the rest of the week til 3.  then have the 23rd and 24th off.  So hopefully with the 3 days off and then working on them after work in the afternoon i can at least get the gifts done.


KER said...

good can do it!!!...*shaking pom-poms*
cheering you on

Donna Heber said...

You can do it Michelle! Like Kari - I am cheering you on too!

~fairygirlmichelle~ said...

thanks! I got the gifts wrapped i just have the handmade ones to wory about now.

Rhonda Langley said...

I am so glad I am not the only one behind this year! My tree is not even out of the box! At least my Christmas cards are mailed! Sheeeesh!

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