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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Snow, snow and more snow!

So the snow has came, and LOTS of it.  I had to work last night during all that snow.  Boy was it crazy our outside doors at Dollar General broke, all the snow on the track would not allow them to close properly.  We were lucky to even get them closed to lock them for the night.  Also all the other Dollar Generals closed around us like Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point, New London, and Clintonville, however we were never given the okay to close.  YES the Store Manager was pretty upset and finally at 8pm decided to get ahold of someone to close.  The District Manager who is the one to give permission to close early would not answer the phone, so the Store manager called the ERC center (basically help center).  Just explained what was going on, and said she had to close early.  So after all that i got to go home a half hour early. Whoo hoo right.  Well for me it was great expecting my day off today i was excited.  


Well so not the case.   8:30am my hubby answers the phone and brings it down to me.  Yep you guessed it i got called in due to the cashier being stuck in his driveway with no way out.  :(  It definetelyGEDC2978 sucks when you live walking distance to work.  No excuses for not being able to make it.  I didnt have a camera when i went to GEDC2981 work so i couldnt get a picture of the snow 5 stairs up in my apartment hallway, or the waist high snow piles left in the middle of the street by the snow plows.  When i left for work they were taking dump trucks and bobcats to get the snow out of the street.  when i got to work the radio was saying no snow plows on the streets between 2pm and Midnight so plan accordingly.  they wouldnt even come out to help if your in a ditch.  

What you except for the City of Waupaca to save on the budget.  I’ll tell you one thing in the winter you always know when you reach waupaca county the roads suck.  every year.


More Critters!!!

So I came home from work Friday and didnt notice nothing diffrent.  My hubby tried hinting around that there was something new  by asking if everything in the house was fine.  Well the only thing diffrent i noticed at the time was the Bearded Dragon tank had thier lights off and it was early.  I checked on them and i found the biggest one laying around with the smallest one on its back.  GEDC2965 Hubby was on his way home from Appleton at the time.  I didnt catch on that there was something new in the house. 

I woke up Saturday morning to turn thier lights on and boy did i get a suprise.  Here there was a 4th bearded dragon in there.  We seen it at the pet shop Thursday and found out it was a female and almost 6 years old.  She has her nails a little curved as the person that took it to the petshop to rehome it didnt take very good care of her nails.  So the 4th dragon is the one from the petshop.  I really didnt want it because of the nails and how old it was.  I did like the patterns in her, and she is very pretty GEDC2968with the light colored head.  at first she looked like a regular grey one, but you look more closely she is brown, white, and cream.  


Then getting home today i found all 4 of them in a big mosh pile under the heat lamp.  I guess even they wanted the extra heat with how cold it is outside.  LOL!GEDC2974 They are very interesting creatures.  I love watching them roam the house and puff up and turn thier bearGEDC2970ds colors when upset, and how they bob thier heads and wave at eachother.  its so cute.  I took the pictures from both sides so you could see all 4 of them.  They are such camera hams.  LOL! 


Donna Heber said...


Look at all that snow! It looks like your "family" is growing!

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