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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Why Did I Buy This???"

Yep i've gone and done it AGAIN!  I've found lots of items in my stash of supplies that I haven't used since I bought them years ago.  Now i get to use them.  Wanna know why?  Well i'll tell you anyways, there is a wonderful gal Darlene (luvmakingcards) on SCS, (Yep my home away from home) she created a swap just for items you bought and never used.  The hook for it was it had to be sitting around for at leasy 1 year and never used before.  Well I didn't have to many problems with this one as I have 18 glimmer mists and never used any except once 3 years ago to color those tiny little cotton balls.  So for one set I choose the glimmer mists so You Tube there I went.  I had no idea what to do with them.  So I found som tutorials on using the stuff.  I now know why I haven't used them before.  All you can basically do with them is color stuff  and make background paper, and color chipboard and such items.  I tried coloring something metal like it said you could, but it wouldnt stick.  Don't know what i did wrong yet.  So I just did a few papers.  
1. It's messy
2. It never sprays right
3. Background paper is all i can do with it.  and
4. Did I say messy.

I have used a few techniques.  I tried a tissue paper method where you place crumpled tissue paper over the paper and it makes the color a little dull.  The best part is you can save the tissue paper for use on your creations too.  I wasnt a big fan of the white gaps it caused so I took the lightest color I used and sprayed over them lightly.  This is how it turned out.

Then I tried the method where you spray directly to the paper but I always get those blotchy spots form those pesky air bubbles. 

The final method I tried and liked the best is the one where you spray directly to the paper and saturate it enough that you can easily crumple it.  Make sure when you unravel it that you dont rip it.  As I did with one, however I was able to work with it and you can't even notice. 

So the pieces on these cards that were at least a year old and never used within that time are as follows:
Various colors of Glimmer Mist
Pink bubblegum
Deep Purple
Fully Purple
and 2 other colors I can't remember.
The cardstock bases plus the background colored paper under the scalloped circle.
Also the fibers.
The image is a few months old, but this is the first time i've used it other than making some images for my fairy swap I hosted.

So now your prolly wondering what the cards turned out like.  So with no further introduction here is Set #1.


Now on to set #2.

I am very proud of this set.  Not only did I complete it with products i've had for over a year without using.  They are all over 2 years old.  The only thing I regret is not using my flocking on the cats. 
The Stamp Set is Sassy Cats from The Angel Company
The Paper I stamped on feel like leather.  It's a bit strange.
I riped the side of the image with a deckled ruler. 
The DP is foiled hearts from a Rockband set.
Then the Sparkle black and pink paper.
The cats collar I colored with a pink glitter pen and then used pink stickles over it.
Then for that added touch, although it could go without the 2 piece flower in the corner. 

I've had a few people ask what company it's from so I thought i'd mention it.  I have never used this set from the day I got it.  I thought it was Cute and Sassy but never really did have an idea of what kind of card to make with it.  Now I got a cute Valentines card.

Hope you've enjoyed these cards.  I know I surley enjoyed making them.


Becky said...

Fabulous cards, wonderful technique.

The Mama Monkey said...

Tee Hee...I have the same glimmer mist and mine is old too! Love what you made!! Maybe I should dust mine off!! :)

gale said...

Beautiful cards! Maybe I need some glimmer mist. lol

Pam~ said...

Awesome set of cards. Way to dust off a product and put it to good use!

Rhonda Langley said...

Makes beautiful backgrounds even if it was a little messy! Did you try using a cardboard box to place your paper in when you spray? It helps a little.

Donna Heber said...


Your cards came out great! I have to laugh though ... my glimmer mist is also sitting in my closet as I feel it can be blotchy when I spray it. Hmmm ... maybe I need to get in on this swap.

KER said...

both sets are awesome...especially like the cats the colors you chose for both too

~fairygirlmichelle~ said...

Donna, try the crumpled method, it will hide all the blotches and if you want the paper to be flatter you can use a craft iron on it to flatten it out more. Also the tissue paper method if you dont spray directly to paper will relieve some of the blotchyness. Then one other way is the cling wrap method, i havent tried that one yet because you have to let it dry naturally.

Diane Clark-Sutton said...

Love the cards. The cats are too cute.

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