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Friday, February 25, 2011

Shocked on pets!

So today I do believe my hubby shocked me.  I was sitting downstairs working on some cards for my warm and fuzzy card swap I am in.  I heard him calling me from upstairs; he was getting a tattoo worked on by a friend.  So i went up to see what he wanted thinking most likely a soda.  Nope I got to the door and he goes "hunny what would you think if i got rid of all my snakes but 2.  Since i already told you i wasnt gonna mess with the breeding anymore. So what you think.  I'll be able to focus more on keeping up with their care, and we'll have less escape attempts."   Hmmm (thinking to myself)  does this mean he's given up on the false water cobra and any other venomous snake he might want, or is this a way for him to make room for one. 
(my deal with him is the venom sacks have to be completely removed and anti venom on hand just in case. can never be to sure if the sacks are completely removed.)

I was stunned, I've battled with him for at least a year on the quantity of snakes, being overwhelmed by them to the point it was hard fro him to keep up with the tank cleanings, not to mention vet bills when they get respitory infections, mites and the list goes on. 

However i have this one cute lil snake i call hudini.  Even he would go. :(  I call him hudini because when we brought him home the first month he got out of his cage.  Missing for 2 weeks and a friend found him while we were at the reptile show.  Then a few weeks after that he got out and went missing again.  Well 3 weeks later i was walking the dog on the street with my niece and there he was, just laying on the sidewalk slithering his way around to wherever, and to give you an idea of size he is no bigger than a pencil but lengthwise he is roughly pencil and a half. also my Mr. Burmese my ball python that i love squirming on my shoulders cuz its like a massage.  He's called Mr. Burmese because the lady we got him from was told it was a burmese python and that was the reasoning my hubby wanted him.  The guy that sold it to her told her it was a burmese python.  Nope it was just a plain old ball python.  She felt so bad when the hubby told her that it was just a ball.  she even lowered the price for us after knowing that. 

So will I be sad to see them go, you betcha.  they are my lil guys and i can actually handle them.  The ones the hubby wants to keep is his Burmese Python and his Super dwarf Retic. 
I may be sad to see them go, but for crickets for my beardies and food for the snakes at $56-$70 a month  i will not be the least bit sorry for that price to drop.  my crickets depending on how fast and how much i feed them is $27 a month roughly.  sometimes i have to get an order in twice a month but i just have to up the amount of veggies i feed them, and it will reduce the criket amount.  but the mice and rats those get pricey as 1 of the snakes eat the large rats and  3 of the snakes eat medium rats and the rest will eat mice, or frozen gerbils.  Well except hudini he's still on pinkies. 

So we will see how this pans out and see if he really meant it. 


Donna Heber said...


It sure sounds like you have your hands full with pets. Be sure to let us know how things turn out. I don't think I could handle a snake in the house!

Becky said...

You have your hands full with snakes! I hate them, my son has a Burmese python and it is expensive to feed, he has had it for 3 years and you know how fast they grow, he is talking of getting rid of it.

~fairygirlmichelle~ said...

oh yes we havent even had the burmese for a year and she's already 50in. Hubby's trying to tell me it will take at least 5 years for her to reach 10ft. but i doubt it.
He did agree that once she's big enough to eat our furry pets like my chihuaha and doxi we can rehome her to a zoo or education program.

The superdwarf retic i dont mind him keeping cuz he's full grown, but id rather keep my hudini and Mr. burmese. :)

The Mama Monkey said...

Oh are good woman! I don't do reptiles! We were at the Alligator Zoo in St Augustine and my kids wanted to take a pic with the baby alligator. They went to put it in our hands and I had a mini panic attack. No kidding, the thought of touching any with scales makes me freak out!

gale said...

OMG. I have to admit that I can't stand snakes. I wouldn't have one but kudos to you for being brave! lol.

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