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Monday, February 14, 2011


So Today was not only Valentine's Day but it was also Mine and My husbands 1st Anniversary.  I didn't get to bed til almost 4am last night and i get woke up at 9am to a Dozen Red roses, a card and some handmade Carmel's from a great shop called Main Street Marketplace where i live.  I then went back to bed after I smelled the roses and told the hubby to put them with his flowers i had gotten him.  Well after a petty lil disagreement we spent a few hours griping at each other we were finally to get the day back on track.  So for our date today we took a walk downtown and i stopped at a few shops to look for something.  I am the type a girl that not only wants the flowers from my man as a sweet romantic gesture but something that later on i can say yep this is what i got for my 1st anniversary and for this valentines day. 
So we didn't find nothing downtown, but we did manage to make our way up to Kmart.  i don't really like that place but its the only thing we have in this town and the price is right when it comes to Jewelry but i got to scoure the cases for something i like.  I managed to find this great looking butterfly necklace/earring set that the stone matches the ring he got me Christmas of 2009.  however when i got home to put them on before our dinner and movie the stone just fell out of the earring and it was the only set i seen they had.  So i am hoping they have another set stashed under the counter or can special order it for me.  Otherwise i am just gonna have to get the money back for it and order something online that i like. 

As for the dinner we were gonna eat at a fancy place that neither of us ate at but the only thing on the menu i liked was Cheese curds (yes I'm a picky person)  and the hubby didn't like the prices for their steaks.  So we headed over to DQ and we got some burgers and fries.  Then we went to go see The new Adam Sandler Movie JUST GO WITH IT.    I Love that movie it was really funny.  I would have to say its the best romantic comedy I've seen all year. 

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day, I know i did.


The Mama Monkey said...

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a great day overall!

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary & Valentines day. Sounds like you had a lovely day.

KER said...

glad you had a good day...congrats and lucky you!

Pam~ said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like it was a fun day with a few little bumps to make it unforgettable!

Donna Heber said...


Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day and 1st Anniversary. Cherish the time you get to spend with your hubby.

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