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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines and Color me 4 kids Swap.

So yesterday I had a date with my Niece Shavanna who came over and she made cards with me.  I had my cards for the Color me 4 kids swap that i had to get done and she used the same images and made some for family and friends.  She pouted when her oldest sister wanted to take one for her boyfriend, but was okay with it once her sister agreed that she could write on the back made by Shavanna on it.  I had to help her cut the paper, but for being 11 and not doing it very often she did a good job. 
My youngest niece Lilli who is 7 cried her little eyes out when she found out Shavanna got to had make these.  So I now have a date with them both for April 2nd to make lots of Easter cards.  So to make it easier on them i will have everything pre-cut for them so all they have to do is color and adhere.

These are the Cards I made for my Color me 4 Kids swap that the cards are going to be donated to the Ronald McDonald house.  They will be able to color them themselves. 


gale said...

How cute and what a neat idea that is!!

KER said...

all so cute...wish i could color that can be fun to share this hobby with the next generation

Rhonda Langley said...

I love these cards! I always make sets of these to be sold at a local fundraiser for a children's home. They always sell out. Love the frog image!

Donna Heber said...

Adorable cards Michelle! I'm glad Shavanna was able to put her label on the back ... lol.

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