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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stampin Up Stamp Club

Well today was my monthly Stampin Up Club meeting.  We made 2 different cards.  We had the choice of making 1 card and 1 scrapbook page.  however I did the cards.  I just never seem to sit down and go through my photos let alone print my photos.  LOL!  It’s been a year and I still haven’t printed our wedding photos.  Smile

TGEDC3476his first card was made using the Bliss stamp set.  We did it as a thank you card.  However I’m sure the general idea would work for any kind of card.  I love the simple black and white technique.  We used the craft white ink pad.  Which sits on the top of the paper and takes a few moments to dry so it would work perfect for embossing.  You can also take chalk over it and it has a muted look to the image.  That would be a great way to enhance this card with a lil color.  In fact if it all comes in time for my Color Swap to be due I just might use that idea for my Black with a vibrant color.  Now I just have to get the chalk.  LOL!  I used to have some but never used the stuff.  Now that I have a use for it, I don’t have it no more.  Sad smile

This is the second card we did.  We took a piece of copy paper and glued 12 -- 1 1/4” squares onto it then put it through the big die.  GEDC3475It made this great quilting look to it.  Then we took two little flower punchs and adhered a pearl to the center and curled up the edges.  It’s hard to tell there is 2 there.  Then we chose the type of sentiment on the front we wanted.  the display was Wonderful Mother, but since 1 of my Secret Sisters likes quilting I figured I’d do Wonderful friend so I can send it to her.  Pretty snazzy I think. 


Pam~ said...

Looks like it was a good day at your Stamp Club ... great cards! Love the Bliss stamp set and how you used the craft ink on the dark cardstock ... pretty look. Your quilt card is really nice ... love all the DSP you used. Fun, fun!

Rhonda Langley said...

Love the Bliss card-very elegant! Quilt cards are so much fun-great way to use up those little leftover pieces of DSP.

Becky said...

What wonderful cards you created. Love the bliss card, and the quilt is lovely with all those patterns.

The Mama Monkey said...

What fun cards you made at the stamp camp! I love the bliss one the best. Great colors!!

Donna Heber said...

Pretty cards Michelle! I bet it was nice to stamp with other ladies. Love that Bliss set.

gale said...

Gorgeous cards. I love that 2nd one. I should buy myself that die..

Laura VanVleet said...

Such fun stamp camp cards! Love #2. Nice cards, Michelle!

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