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my fridge magnet says "I know i'm in my own little world. It's OK they know me here."

Here you will learn a little about me and my life. Like my marriages, my critters and my hobbies. I love taking photos. so along the way there might be alot of photos.My life is full of ups and downs, more often the downs. I just try to keep on a happy face. Doesnt always work when you suffer from anxiety and depression. But I still always manage to keep my Bubbly little personality.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Stylish Blog Award!

I've had my blog since late last year, and I just now recently started following other blogs as well.  Well I follow Jeanette's blog she is the hostess Forest Ranger on SCS. She always has wonderful creations, and always finds wonderful creations on other blogs too. Until today I followed it through SCS, when I'd see she was making a posting i would go check it out.  I don't always comment as i never know what to say. 
So I decided I am going to start regularly following blogs.  Can't guarantee I can comment on all of them, as I rarely know what to say for a comment. 

Okay on to the point.   Well she received the Stylish blog award and was supposed to pass it on to 8 recipients.  Well as she put it how am i to choose only 8 out of all those wonderful blogs.  So its up to us if we felt like claiming the Award.  As hard as it is to pass it on to 8 recipients I thought i was up to the challenge.  I know one person in particular I thought it might cheer up.

I'm supposed to share 8 things about myself and then pay it forward to 8 recipients.  So here are my 8 things.......hmmmm i am it's really difficult to think of 8. 

1.  I no longer have a complete fear of Spiders.  I certainly will not hold one, but I can at least look at one without freaking out.

2.  I  don't have a car since last fall so i have to find alternative ways of getting around, however as much as it is a money saver not having to spend all that money on Gas it tends to be a big pain when it comes time to grocery shopping (the one we like going to which is less expensive is a 45 minute drive), getting to doctors (as mine is a 30 min drive away), or even just wanting to out for a drive to get a way from things.  I still prefer not having a car still. 

3.  I love to do Photography and take lots of pictures, but i can never seem to manage to get them printed out.  If  did I'd probably have 10,000 photos lying around my house along with the umpteen 1,000 already printed from before 2008.  I am trying something new by loading them to my Shutterfly and share site, but haven't gotten around to doing much of that either. 

4.  I love card making and if i could spend all day stamping i would, however i loose focus alot and i can procrastinate when it starts feeling like a job, so i do it when the feeling of wanting to stamp hits me.  .

5.  My dream vacation will always be Hawaii, however i have settled for the Bahamas and have been there once and want to go back.  Where my husband has been to Hawaii twice. 

6.  I have 2 really wonderful pups a 7month chihuahua and a 3 year old mini daxi, I have to take them out every few hours, and most of the time if I'm crafting wish they would learn how to use a toilet.  LOL!  never gonna happen but i can dream can't I.

7.  I want kids, but with all the problems I've had trying to have them, I am content with the fact of not having any.  I am content even if it never does happen for me.  However if it does ever happen I will be very ecstatic about it, but i wont count my chickens before they hatch.

8. hmmm....that's a tuffy.  I just had trouble thinking of 7 other things that weren't totally depressing or upsetting.  Yes i suffer from depression and anxiety and as much as i try to hide it alot i think many people see right through me. 

Okay on to the 8 people that i would like to pass this on to. 
1.  Emily
2. Kelly
3. Patty
WOW.  It really is hard to choose 8.  Now i see why Jeanette just left it up for grabs.  :)
4. Becky
5. Tami
6. Gael
7. April
8. Laura Jean

After many hard decisions I finished.  However I strongly believe all the blogs i follow deserve the Stylish Blog Award.  :)  so even if you aren't listed just know that you are also included. 


Donna Heber said...


Congrats on your blog award! It is great getting to know you better and glad you don't have a fear of spiders anymore ... lol.

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