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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crafting with the Nieces!

So i had my nieces over for the weekend and they decided to play with my ink, stamps and paper.  :)  The oldest niece Shoshana doesnt play with them that often but Shavanna the middle niece loves to create.  To my surprise Shoshana liked doing it this weekend and made more then Shavanna.  That and shavavana would only let me take a picture of her first card she made, the rest she hurried and put away before i could get to them.  Shashana too, she would only let me take a picture of a few.  then put the rest away. 

So this first one is a Shoshana Creation.  She used my purple glitter flower ribbon before i even could.  LOL! :)  and you cant really see it to good but below the ribbon she stamped a set of 3 mushrooms. 

This is another Shoshana Creation.  Yet again she dug into my Petaloo flowers before i got a chance to use them.  So I picked on her the whole weekend.  everytime she used my good suplies i wouls say UH!  My GOOD FLOWERS........MY GOOD RIBBON.    she then would say WELL TOO BAD.  LOL!  she can be a smarty pants though. 

This is another Shoshana Creation, and i believe one of her BEST ones.  well aside from they one she gave her gramma (my mom) that was small and had a gnome stamped on it and flowers.  then she hand wrote on the inside of that one.  "even though your short, i still love you just as if you were as tall as me."  LOL!  she definately can come of with some wacky sentiments. 

She made up a birthday one that was great and can be used for anyone too.  it goes like this.  "May all your Birthday candle flames shine bright, like the stars and all your Birthday wishes come true."

The saying she put in my dads card was a way waky because he has plenty of medical issues from high blood pressure, to arthritis and she put his saying like this. 
"for the day you turn old and not yet die,  is like the front of this card, he's old and grumpy and some day you will be too, but just remember no matter your age or how much your broken we all love you just as if you were young again."

Shavana's cards

This is the only one Shavanna would let me see.  The front says Happy Easter on it.  Its hard to see because my flash decided it wanted to shine on the shiny paper she had used.  :)  this one she did completely with no help from me cutting paper for her.  Unlike the last creation day we had. 

None of the girls needed my help with cutting the paper this time.  I wish they woul have let me shown off some more cards,  I know shoshana had some more adorable lil cards.  She is a card maker at heart, even if she dont know it. 


Diane Clark-Sutton said...

It's so cool that you were stamping with your nieces. Their cards are very cute and Springy.

Pam~ said...

Sounds like it was a fun weekend with your nieces! They are very creative ... just like their aunt!

Becky said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Great cards.

Rhonda Langley said...

Love their funny sentiments! They did a great job!

gale said...

Very nice cards!! I used to stress out about my kids using my stuff. Then I realized I wasn't using it so at least someone was. lol

Donna Heber said...

What a great way to spend some time with your nieces. Their cards are cute Michelle.

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