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Friday, March 2, 2012

Changes Changes Changes!

So everything changes.  The seasons change, life changes, jobs change.  It all changes.  I have gone threw many changes over the year. 
Last month I had found myself a boyfriend.  One that was the total opposite of what my Husband was.  Well that didnt work out.  I did all that hard work on those valentine creations for nothing.  I got dumped the next day.  :(
Oh well it happens right. 
Well a guy i wanted to date for 3 months said he wanted to be with me.  I wasnt totally sure what he meant so i asked him.  Well then he too changed his mind because it freeked him out.  He didnt elaborate on that. :(
he thought i was being pushy. 
So i ended up alone on Valentines Day!.  Just me and me alone. 

Okay so a week goes by and Mitch the guy that dumped me said he made a mistake and wanted to try again.  Well i figure what the heck i'll go for it.  worst that can happen is he dump me again.  LOL!  Well then the day after i say yes to that.  Micheal the one i wanted to date 3 months ago comes to me and says i want you to be my girlfriend.  AAAAHHHHHH!  WHAT TO DO!!!

well i was way to honest in all of this to both guys.  Mitch turns around 3 days after telling me he was falling in love with me, told me to go and just be with the other guy.  GRRR! 

Worked out for the best i guess.  because everytime i wasnt around Mitch i was always thinking of Michael.  Im thinking my heart wanted to be with Mcheal.  Afterall had Micheal not got freeked out a few weeks ago Mitch wouldnt have been able to have that second chance. 

So my first day of being Single again before i told Micheal i would be his girlfriend.  He came and Picked me up from work.  Now this is the good part.  Michael drives a Volkswagon Bug and NEVER drirves in snowy, icy weather.  So He drove in the worst nasty possible weather for his car the night we had our big snow storm to come get me from work just to ask me personally to be his girlfriend and he handed me a single red rose and said i am sorry for all the trouble i've caused over the past few weeks. 

awww i think i got me a sweetheart.


Emily Ann said...

I am glad things are working better this time! I hope things continue to look up sis!!! xox!

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