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my fridge magnet says "I know i'm in my own little world. It's OK they know me here."

Here you will learn a little about me and my life. Like my marriages, my critters and my hobbies. I love taking photos. so along the way there might be alot of photos.My life is full of ups and downs, more often the downs. I just try to keep on a happy face. Doesnt always work when you suffer from anxiety and depression. But I still always manage to keep my Bubbly little personality.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

4 Seasons Swap is completed!!!

So I had signed up for Karly's 4 Seasons Swap.  I originally intended on doing all 4, however I got busy after the holidays or shall I say stayed busy.  So I didnt drop out completely but I did scale back.  I wanted to do my Acetate cards which I had not used since I had my stamp camp with them.  So to make it a quick and easy swap I chose to keep the Winter and Spring since I knew i had photos on my computer that i could use for it.  so here are my wonderful cards.  First the Winter, i had to print it in black and white because my printer wasnt working properly, thats okay though since winter is mostly white anyways.  LOL!  I finally did get my printer working properly so i could make my spring card.  Boy are those Acetate Cards hard to photograph though.  since the acetate is see through and the background is white text paper for putting the sentimate in it causes it to give a double image/ shadow.  the spring card took me 6 pictures to finally get a good one no matter how i held  or placed the card.
Hope you like them.



Donna Heber said...

Wonderful cards Michelle! I'm sure they will be adored by whomever receives them.

Pam~ said...

Love the colors that you used on your cards ... so pretty!

Patty said...

Your cards turned out great! My favorite card is the second one- I really like the colors on that card!

gale said...

These are gorgeous!! I love that flower-it looks amazing.

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