Welcome to my wacky world. I call it that because sometimes I feel like I am off in my own world. As the saying on one of my stamps and
my fridge magnet says "I know i'm in my own little world. It's OK they know me here."

Here you will learn a little about me and my life. Like my marriages, my critters and my hobbies. I love taking photos. so along the way there might be alot of photos.My life is full of ups and downs, more often the downs. I just try to keep on a happy face. Doesnt always work when you suffer from anxiety and depression. But I still always manage to keep my Bubbly little personality.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Little about My hobby and me and my mistakes.

So here is a Lil bit about myself. Well my hobby is Card making. It used to be scrapbooking until i realized i seemed to just like all the cute lil stickers and paper and just ended up collecting all those cute embellishments, then i found rubber stamps. I started buying a few and then more and more and more. Good thing at that time i was married to a man who had a decent job. Tee Hee. Well then i got into going to those scrap and stamp expos. And i would buy more scrapbooking and rubber stamps. Well the collecting scrapbooking stuff started in 2000 and the stamps started in 2005. Well i have a total of maybe 5 scrapbook pages done and a rough guess of 50 cards. I had found out about workshops and make and takes. those were great for me. I learned techniques and even found cute stamps i wanted. So even though i don't use all my stamps at least i know i got them for when i will need them.
I Love the Great Impressions stamps those are my favorite company and they come out with new set every month.

So that's my hobby along with photography and even that I'm losing interest in slightly.
Now on to facts about me. I graduated in 2000 and got married for a brief time in 2004. Big mistake. Never get married to fix the problems. that only lasted 6 months and i was in court getting divorced. Well then i met a great guy who could take care of himself and me. Had a decent nest egg and a decent job. *cha ching cha ching* OOPPS did i say that out loud. LOL! Well i started dating him just before I filed for divorce and when that was finalized the relationship moved fast a lil to fast. I found myself moving in with him in 2005 and yet again taking the plunge in late 2006. Well that was great for the time being other than his drinking. I was however able to advance my stamp collection. He didn't mind as long as the bills got paid. I was only working part time so i would spend my cash first and then his. He got to drink and i got to spend money. Thought it was a good deal. He even had insurance through work. Worked out good I even got my teeth fixed. well dentures anyways. Well it didn't work out as well as i wanted. IN Late 2008 he tried to throw a TV at me when he came home from his union meeting for work drunk one day. all i was doing was sitting down watching TV. WOW WHAT A WAKE UP CALL. And well the whole me getting to spend money didn't quite work out so well. I ended up with over $10,000 in scrapbooking and stamping supplies. well at $300 a pop at those expos eventually you run out of money. so did his savings account MY Bad. AT the time of him trying to throw the TV at me, he knew nothing about how far the account was gone. A look back now i wish we had never had that arrangement. Money don't make someone happy either. Although all my great stamps did for awhile and they still do. But i feel guilty and I've apologized for it. So we filed for a divorce and i started seeing other people. Then in February of 2009 there was some issues with me and my friend Tanya with a certain guy in the mix. *lieing cheating dirty guy* at the time we didn't know it. But we both followed the bad feeling in the pit of our stomaches, and finally figured it out. He was seeing me and Her at the same time. So to patch our friendship up Tanya got her tattoo buddy over and she paid for me to get my very first tattoo from him. She told me it was to let me know that no matter what that her and Tara would always be my friends, and trying to get me way from the lier of a man that dude was. It was hard for me to let go, and i really can not figure out why. Well on to the tattoo artist; He was cute and just getting over a break up himself. Well then March came and i was still seeing the dirty lieing scumbag, but also i could not stop thinking about the tattoo guy. But I never told Tanya about that part. I just told her i was thinking of getting another fairy tattoo. So she was talking to him about it and got me a quote. Then one day Tanya, Tara, and I were out at a bar and she was asking her Tattoo guy some questions. Well she never told me that he moved in with her that day due to some hard times on both of them. She was texting him throughout the night and later that night low and behold who walks into the bar. I guess Tanya had told him to stop in down there before going home. Well we were to shy to just start talking to each other so he asked me for my number to Text me about the tattoo i wanted so i gave it to him. When he couldn't remember my name he txt me asking what it was since he is bad with names. I then told him, and i flirted saying your lucky your good looking. LOL! and it went from there we ended up talking all night and then the next day he texted me before i even got out of town on my way; that he missed me and Its not like him so he's going with it. He wanted me to come back that night after my niece's birthday party. We even had arrangements made that he would do my 2nd tattoo on payments and we set up a time where i would come hang out with him for the night and work on it the next day. So i went back to Tanya's that night and found Him asking me to be his Girlfriend. WOW boy did that get me over the cheating duchebag. Since he didn't want a relationship i went with the one that did. Soon i found myself always at Tanya's with Rich (tattoo guy) and never at my place. Then in April of 2009 I got my divorce and lost my 2 dogs to him since i had no place for them. I had a mini wiener dog and a border collie wire haird wiener dog. But I still got to see them occasionally. Then again Our relationship was moving faster i had ended up moving in by him and Tanya for a few months and then to my brothers in august with Rich. Then in November Rich and i got our own place. Well on February 14 2010 after he had asked me 4 times plus with one miscarriage in the mix i finally married Rich. I had tried with Joe (my ex husband) to have kids and nothing. Like it wasn't working something was wrong with one of us. He refused to believe it was him and i always thought it was me. Then end of November 2009 i found out i was pregnant and December 1st found out i lost the baby. all in a matter of 4 days. It made me think even more that was me. Then This year a so called friend of mine had the galls to tell me Joe was having a baby with his girlfriend. what a way to tear someone down. I had already had the miscarriage and married by this time, so it was all heartache to hear that. So as of right now the Hubby and I are still trying to have kids IM not giving up. It just hasn't been my time, but someday will be. So its a long story but that's my hobby and some about a few of my mistakes I've made recently. But all around it has formed me to who i am and its helped and hurt me in the process.


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